24 June 2010

Oh So Random...

Well, we're back from the Trek Across Maine, but I'm off to an all weekend 4-H camping, goating thingy in a couple of hours. So, I'll take advantage of this offer from my friendMarianne.

She has challenged her readers to post one random fact about themselves on her comment section, then six more things on their own blog. So I'm in. If you want to play, just do the same; Post one random fact about yourself in my Comments and six more on your blog.

OK...Here's my six random hooeys.

1. There are supposed to be BIG thunderstorms this afternoon. My husband has called twice AND left me a note to remind me to check the weather and be careful and don't camp if it's bad and yadda, yadda, yadda. Problem is.......I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

2. I am on a quest to get to the highest fitness level I've ever been in. My bucket list for the next year includes peaking Mt. Katahdin, rapelling next month, a 50 mile group ride in July, speed walking a 1/2 marathon in November, FINISHING the Trek Across Maine next summer and ALWAYS being ready for a Search and Rescue call. This means LOTS of cardio and weight lifting!

3. I try to eat 1/4 cup of chocolate chips every day. :-D

4. I never apologize when I kill a Japanese beetle. (I'm just sayin'...)

5. One of my greatest daily joys (besides chocolate chips) is watching all the birds on my feeders.

6. I'm not terribly fond of t-shirts, but they seem to breed in my drawers. I have WAAAAAAAAY too many, but feel guilty getting rid of them because they all commemorate a ministry or sports event that I participated in.

OK...Your turn. I've got to get off this computer and go find my lightning rod.



Dawna said...

You crack me up! Rapelling sounds awesome! I climbed Knife's Edge when I was in high school with my Dad... it was AMAZING! I should see if I can still do it. You've inspired me to write my won bucket list, maybe while I watch the movie. :)

Love ya lots!

notcon4med said...

What if I don't have a blog?

Random fact #1
I love to ride in the car with the windows open and the music playing very loudly! I even do it when it's in the 90's. I might mention I mostly do this when riding alone. However, today I actually kept them up and used AC since the car thermometer was reading between 99 and 103!

Unknown said...

Is that a photo of you repelling down the rock??

You are too funny girl! Guess what? My random thing is
"I POSTED ON MY BLOG"!!! ok Now scrape yourself off the floor and
Have a safe trip!

groovyoldlady said...

No, not me, Pam. I won't be rapelling until July. However, when Funsocksgirl was a kindergardner, I trained to become a rapell master, so I could safely throw little Girl Scouts off of cliffs. I am sad to realize that in the ensuing years I had no real opportunity to rapell and have forgotten all my knots. :( Now I'll have to start from scratch!

Dawn said...

You are a much braver woman than I! And ambitious.

I'm with you on the t-shirts - they all are rather like souvenirs.

Let's see - I just did a post, but a random fact about me - hmmm.

I just spent two days sitting in a church convention, I'm exhausted from being up early, getting home late, and traveling back and forth 6 times instead of staying in Denver (lack of money from the church this year for expenses), so why am I sitting here blogging??