01 July 2009

Climb on Board the Groovy Bullet Train

No time to dawdle...speeding from point A to point B - Here we go, pulling out of the station:

Chugga, Chugga, CHOO-CHOO!!!!

* I have not updated the Trek blog. Thought I was Ok, but started crying again when I saw the photos my teammate took.

* Special K has made sure that I have something like 53 feminine product coupons for Funsocksgirl because, you know, "every little bit helps." They all expire at the end of July.

We all love Special K! ;D

* There was a spell of rainlessness today, so after shopping I mowed the entire 3.5 acre lawn, including the swamp.

Yes, I AM impressed with myself.

* Riding mowers are not made for small people. (Ibuprofen, please!)

* The sun REALLY trying to come out. COME ON, MR. SUN!!!!!

* We spent 3 days at the fairgrounds for a 4-H camping experience. It was very noisy, had lots of horses, goats and dogs, was hot/cool (it kept changing), food-filled, and mosquito infested, and fun.

We did great packing clothes, but I was apparently in another world when I packed the rest of our stuff. I packed 2 kinds of syrup, but nothing with which to make pancakes. I packed ketchup and buns, but no hotdogs. I wore my good sneakers instead of my ratty ones. I forgot to bring cameras even though the girls were signed up for a digital photography course.

It was all great ANYWAY!!

*I got to see my adorable grandchilden yesterday. They're so awesome!

* Tomorrow we head out to NY to visit Funsocksgirl and J-Man. We are VERY excited to get to see them again! We have many memory making plans! (Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

* My mind is spinning faster than, um, something that is spinning very fast.

* My house it not clean (but it will be before Notcon4med comes to visit in a few weeks!)

* The hamster cage IS clean.

* I am wearing my favorite jeans and now they are dirty (quite!), so I won't be taking them to NY.

* I milked 7 goats by hand for 2 days. My hands hurt, but the cheese and soap make up for it!

* I need to get off the computer and pack.

* I love you all - Catch you on the other side!!!

** Yes, we'll be gone, BUT our house is being guarded by 2 vicious Chinese Dwarf Hamsters and a hoard of blood thirsty dust bunnies. AND our ferocious fish who've been known to suck out eyeballs - so DON'T try to rob us.

(Besides that, Gram and Gramp will be here!)


Dawn said...

You are indeed a busy lady! I sure hope the suns comes out to stay for awhile pretty soon! You all must have fungus on your feet!

Marianne Arkins said...

Fourth of July in NY? Should be spectacular. Have a fantastic trip -- I'm pulling for sunshine. So far it's not working... but I have H-I-I-I-I-G-H HOPES!

Unknown said...

Thanks for making me laugh today Groovy. Have a blast on your get away, be safe!