16 June 2010

In Which Groovy Fails in the Finish-What-You-Start Battle of Life

HiHo My Internutty Friends,

This is my groovy blog where I am supposed to sound interesting and clever and witty and intelligent. Will you settle for hormonal?



I am on the tail end of a cold and dealing with my "time", both of which have drained the power right out of my inner transformer. My brain comes up with this great to-do list and my body says, "Naaaah."

Oh well. I sealed the seams on the tent yesterday and just got it all rolled and packed. So there's 1 to-do that I can completely check off! Huzzah!

Today I tried to do some yard work. I had lofty plans, but only managed to water the garden and transplant some sad, waterlogged bachelor buttons. The slug-eaten marigolds and limp sunflowers will just have to wait.

I squirted cleaner in the toilet and kind of swished it around, but still need to finish the bathroom.

I thought about making pizza for supper, but I don't feel like making dough.

I did get our clothes packed for the Trek and noticed some things Mulletman may have forgotten (Did you want underwear and socks, Darling? Tee-hee. No, I'm NOT kidding!), so I can't zip the bag shut yet.

I wrote checks to pay some bills, but haven't transferred the money to cover the payments yet.

I got the girls to write letters to the child we support through Compassion International, but haven't written my note yet.

Ah well, the evening is not yet over. I have 2 hours before we leave for a family worship service. Surely I can accomplish something before then.


Gee, I love to see the birds at my birdfeeder..... Huh? Oh. Yeah. I can hear ya, "Hey Groovy, get off your duff and FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!"

Ok, Ok, I'm going!

I guess I'll catch up with you all again after the Trek Across Maine. We'll be leaving around noon tomorrow for 4 days of fun and work and adventure - assuming I actually get some of this stuff done.



Dawn said...

I sure hope you get your energy back before you head off on the trek - sounds hard if you don't! I know how you feel though - not wanting to do anything that requires any energy at all.

I just caught the butterfly release post - how did I miss that?? What a wonderful experience for all of you.

Have a good safe trip on the trek and thankfully you discovered the discrepancy in the suitcase!

See you next month!! More details later.

Holly said...

Heh, you finish way more than I even start! Have fun.

Marianne Arkins said...

Geez... I'm like that and don't have your excuse (yet!).

Hang in there!!

PS. I'm jealous you HAVE birdfeeders. I miss mine. (:::grumble, stupid bear, grumble:::)

林奕廷 said...