03 May 2010

Announcing The Grooviest Contest Entries...

HiHo My Internutty Friends,

Today is the day that I get to share with you some of my favorites out of the 220+ contest entries I received for my Blogmania contest. For those of you who missed all the fun, lemme explain what we did. I joined in with beaucoup other bloggers to have a one day contest and giveaway for Blogmania. (And we'll be doing it again in September, so stay tuned!) We could make up our own contest rules. Mine, naturally, were groovier than most of the others. Most of the blogs said things like: If you want to win these books and stuff and things, you ARE REQUIRED to follow me and like me and follow all my other blogs
and tweet with me and adore my FaceBook page.

Booooooooorrring! (and tedious!)

But here, at my groovy (though mediocre) blog, we do things differently (We being me). I asked all my entrants to write a creative sentence or paragraph using the words groovy, hamster, toilet paper, and laptop.

I chose my winner randomly, but if I had chosen based on the creativity of the authors, these entries would have been the TOP contenders:


Sherry said...

I've been entering contest to win a groovy new laptop and all I won was some Northern toilet paper and a hamster. I guess I should read the fine print when entering.

(This one caught my eye because I can SO identify. I am the queen of not-reading-the-fine-print!!!)

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

I was reading a sad short story on my laptop. As I wiped my eyes with toilet paper, my hamster hugged me and said, "Don't cry. Life is still groovy."

(Hammies are comforting like that!)

Jackie said...

I dabbed my teary eyes with toilet paper at the thought of my missing hamster as I created a groovy "Lost" flyer on my laptop to hang around town.

(Awwww. As a Hammie lover, this one made me misty and sad!)

pastedGraphic.tiff Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Hamster has 7 letters, laptop has six letters, groovy has six letters but toilet paper has 11 letters.

(Still Blonde...definitely receives the award for the most entries - 17 of them! Maybe I'll send her some TP coupons as a consolation prize for all her hard work!)

BettyMc (Reflections with Coffee) said...

On my laptop, I read about my groovy little chemo-buddy (I'm a chemo-angel) losing his hamster; had no kleenex so I ran for toilet paper to sob into.

(*sniffle* This one made me get all teary!)


readerbuzz said...

Mine is a poem:

Toilet paper

(Hahahahahahahaha!! I am still giggling over this one...)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

There was once a hamster named hamlet that dreamed of becoming a writer. Some of the ideas that he would come up with he would hurry and scribble it down on toilet paper. Unfortunately, the people of the house did not know that they were ruining his work by using that toilet paper. Oh how he wished he had a laptop in which to write his ideas down where they would be safe. Suddenly, there was a spark of light and this fairy appeared before him in this groovy outfit that looked like it was covered in a rainbow. She gave him his wish and he was able to become the awesome writer he wanted to be.

(Ruby and Rebekah were also hoping for fame. Alas, Ruby is now writing solo.)

LuLu said...

My hamster told me that a wad of toilet paper got stuck in my laptop keys, so I called the Geek Squad and a groovy man came to pull it out!

(That's one way to get yourself a groovy man!)

LB said...

My groovy laptop has been overrun by pictures of hamsters made out of toilet paper! ugh!

(I love the idea of hamsters made out of toilet paper - much better than the idea of toilet paper made out of hamsters. Much, MUCH better!)

pastedGraphic.tiff Vicki said...

I was sitting on the porch, typing up my Blogmania post on my laptop when all of a sudden I hear an awful noise coming from inside the house. Reluctantly, I got up to go see what in the world was going on. As I step into my groovy retro living room, I see my hampter Clyde had escaped from his cage. Some how he had gotten into the bathroom, jumped on the toilet paper holder which of course got caught in one of his paws and was running through the house stringing it from room to room. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I finally caught him and spent 45 minutes cleaning up the mess. Man, Clyde's lucky I love him or he'd be flushed down the toilet by now.

(We've had many "You're lucky I love you" pet adventures!)

Angelia said...

I used to have a very goovy little hamster named Ninja. Ninja love to hang out with me while I typed on my laptop. He would run in and out of his toilet paper tube and try to get my attention.

How's that? Funny thing...it's true story!!

(Hey, groovy! A nonfiction entry! It reminds me of that time when our little hammies managed to get loose and wreak havoc........and write a blog post)

Mandy said...

...add a pinch of laptop, a dash of toilet paper and a squirt of hamster to the groovy pot, bring to a boil....

(This one made our hammie run and hide!)

Pricilla said...

As the groovy hamster shred toilet paper to make a nest for the night in my laptop I gave up and went to bed myself feeling defeated and not at all groovy and much in need of some toilet paper to wrap my now dead hamster that I had smashed with my laptop for nesting therein.


Edna said...

I wish that hampster would be quiet, or I am going to wrap him in toliet paper and flush, I am trying to work on my groovy laptop.

(I've had to stop reading these to Ruby. She's getting a complex!)

pastedGraphic.tiff Rachel McGuire said...

I love to buy recycled items and I bought this laptop that is made of recycled toilet paper and groovy purple dyed hamster hair.

(I think that was the end of Ruby...I wonder how she'll look when I dye her fur!)

Nutty Artist said...

The last post has errors. That's what happens when a cat trys to help out. It should say:
My new piece of art is a hamster made out of toilet paper. The hamster is typing away on a laptop. It is a groovy piece of art.

(I love that her cat helps her type!)

Michelle S. said...

My Hamster had toilet paper stuck to his feet as he ran across my laptop and he sent a real groovy email when he pressed send.

(I oh-so want to know what he said!!!!)

Jenna said...

My laptop screensaver alternates between John Travolta dancing with a hamster in groovy atire and invisible word-of-the-day toilet paper.

(Now THAT's groovy!)

debbie said...

The hamster made a groovy laptop using only ducttape and toilet paper.

(Now I can make my own laptop; Thanks for the groovy idea!)


Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

I like to eat toilet paper instead of hamsters while on my groovy laptop!



TommyGirl said...

It was a groovy idea to use the toilet paper as a wheel for the hamster, who was then able to generate the energy to keep the laptop going long enough to enter the blogmania contests.

(a Powerful entry, don't you think?)

Giveaway Roundup said...

This morning I was looking for a roll of toilet paper, but when I reached in the cupboard to get it, out ran a hamster! Now that would have been a groovy thing, except I happened to be holding my laptop at the time, and I dropped it!
So now I guess I will have to enter this contest for some pens and a notebook to write my thoughts in. Since my computer is toast. :o)

(A nice way to tie in the words to the contest!)

Sans Pantaloons said...

Holy hornets from Holland!
Never in a million years did I think a Blogmania post from a Groovy Old lady would get this many comments!
Ouch!; excuse me a moment. I'll have to put down my laptop.
I need to visit the restroom to get some toilet paper. My pet hamster is tearing me asunder.

(Methinks Sans Pantaloons should wear pantaloons when holding her hammie!)


Kelly said...

My groovy hamster makes toilet paper statues while sitting on my laptop.

(That's one creative hammie!)

Kelly's Lucky You said...

The precocious hamster ran across my laptop, typing out the word "groovy" and I was so surprised that now I need toilet paper.

(I would too, Kelly, except that our hammies do this on a regular basis)

Marie said...

The groovy hamster (you can tell he is groovy because he is wearing the "right" sunglasses) is sleeping in a toilet paper tube on top of my laptop -- so much for working today :-)

(Aw the ole using-your-hamster-as-an-excuse-for-not-working ruse!)

Snowflake07 said...

O Hamster, Hamster! Wherefore art thou Hamster?
Deny thy laptop and refuse thy toilet paper;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be groovy.

(Be stilleth my heart. This doth provoke reminderings of Shakespeare!)

C.A. Marshall said...

Last night, my pet lobster invited his friend Mr. Hamster over for dinner and a night of disco dancing. The night was great as they boogied down to the groovy music until Lobster came out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe and everyone laughed at him! poor lobster!

(Man, I'm sorry I missed THAT party!)

LuLu said...

Alert Alert:
Be on the look out for Hungry Hamsters breaking into convenience stores and looting toilet paper to use as a disguise for stealing laptop computers. These Hamsters tend to act a bit groovy before they strike...beware!

(Maybe he also kidnaps little girls... This is a VERY sad and tragic video newsclip until the mugshot of the suspect comes up...)

And My All Time Favorite Entry:

Carole said...

Hamster $12.98
Laptop $684.99
A groovy music video $19.95
Toilet paper …… priceless

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!!!!! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?!


Dawn said...

Very clever people indeed!

Susan said...

Such groovy, creative people out there.

Dawn said...

Re your comment to me this morning - that's exactly what I meant when I said, "a bit out there." But she's nothing if not creative! She could probably have made one of your top entries with the four word contest!

Sans Pantaloons said...

Lots of fun and very cute hamsters!

Carla Gade said...

Too funny! Or shall I say too groovy, if anything can ever be! Lots of creative entries.

Kelly's Lucky You said...

I agree with you! Carole's answer was my fave too and just above mine - a tough act to follow, hehehe.

Thanks for the fun and the shout out!

Lauri said...

Oh my these are some very talented people. I love the comforting hamster in Margot's. I think all writers should get a comfort hamster for those bad rejection days.

Congrats to all of you!