30 April 2010

A Groovy BlogMania Giveaway - TODAY ONLY!!!

Welcome to Groovy blog 92 of 123 in the incredible Blogmania giveaway craziness.

I'll keep it short so you can get to all those other amazing Bloggy Giveaways.

What Groovy prizes am I giving away?

'Tis a wonderful Writer's Fun Package of Goodness!

The package includes:
-A 4 pack of fun, colorful pens
-6 fabulous highlighters
-A pack of sugarless gum to keep you from noshing while you write
-A bar of delicious dark chocolate in case you decide to nosh anyway ;-)
-2 emory boards so your nails don't go click, click, click when you type (I HATE that!)
-some hand lotion so those hardworking hands can be pampered
-A pretty notepad for your poetic inspirations or notes to your mother/sweetheart/child/friend/coworker/enemy/self/dog/cat/doctor/lawyer/mailman

AND, my favorite..........

-A totally groovy RECYCLED notebook with dividers and pockets and lots of blank pages that are begging to be filled with your writing genius. It's small enough to carry along on outings and big enough to hold a novella.


How can you win it?

Well, if you're a U.S. resident (Sorry, I'm cheap and international postage is expensive!):

Just leave a comment by midnight EST tonight (April 30) using all the following words used in a creative sentence or paragraph:

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

That's it - oh, and leave a way for me to contact you if you win!

And if you want more chances to win, leave more, separate comments using the words in a different sentence/paragraph. You can write as much as you want and enter as many times as you'd like. HAVE FUN! After you leave your creative comment(s), then move on to the other blogs for more chances to win fancy stuff! You might want to try these blogs next:

Blog #98 - Bertram's Blog

Tomorrow, being the mediocre blogger that I am, I will literally put your comments in a bowl and then literally have one of my daughters pull out the comment. I'll post the winner by NOON.

Good Luck!


And, before you run off, don't forget to support the American Lung Association of Maine by making a pledge to Mulletman's ride for the Trek Across Maine. His fundraising link is in my sidebar - your contributions are tax deductable and MUCH appreciated by this asthmatic blogger!


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Elise said...

There is a groovy hampster eating toilet paper on my laptop.

Elise said...

Toilet paper or a hampster is not as groovy as a laptop.

ReaganStar said...

The Hamster and the toilet paper are dancing on my laptop, its groovy!


SueFitz said...

dancing on my laptop toilet paper or the hamster- hmmmmm

Great contest thanks for participating in Blogmania


Teresa said...

As I type away on my laptop the hamster is eating my groovy toilet paper!


Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

On my laptop, I read about my groovy little chemo-buddy (I'm a chemo-angel) losing his hamster; had no kleenex so I ran for toilet paper to sob into.

Susan said...

My laptop (desktop - don't have a laptop) rushes to read what Groovy posts each time. Only Groovy can talk about toilet paper, hamsters and everything under the sun in such a delightful, funny way.

Elie said...

Those groovy lights make the laptop look creepy.


crush. blog said...

Our groovy hamster wrapped himself in toilet paper and did a jig across our laptop... clearly showing signs of BLOGMANIA!!! Don't call a doctor- enter more giveaways!!!!

Huppie Mama said...

A groovy hamster ate my laptop and all my toilet paper!!


groovyoldlady said...

My hamster and I are reading all these entries and thus far they are quite groovy! Maybe I can win a Blogmania giftcard so I can afford to buy a laptop and some toilet paper. Then Hammie and I will be truly content!

allthingsnew said...

I need some toilet paper because my ancient hamster pooped on my groovy laptop. :)

stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

Deb O said...

Checking out all these groovy blogs on my laptop when my hampster ran in the room with a wad of toilet paper in his cheeks. lol doconnell128@gmail.com

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Mine is a poem:

Toilet paper

debnance at gmail dot com

Nutty Artist said...

Albert, the groovy little hamster, played with the toilet paper roll and then he fell asleep on my laptop.

Nutty Artist said...

I watched the video of Groovy the hampster on my laptop. He attacked a 6 roll pack of toilet paper and had too much fun.

Amanda Makepeace said...

My hamster can type, but I don't let him near my groovy laptop--shredding toilet paper on the keyboard is not a good thing! LOL


Anonymous said...

I wanna win a laptop, but I will probably win a hamster. But I will still be groovy and not run out of toilet paper!

There you go.
I am a new follower.
@Buttons and Bows
mommiesgotfivechildren at hotmail dot com

Kristie said...

My groovy pink laptop is under the hamster's cage and is now covered in toilet paper.

needcoffeeplease at gmail dot com

Desi @ Wee Share said...

The groovy laptop is showing a video of a hamster using toilet paper.

Thanks :)


melydia said...

I really wish my hamster would gnaw on the toilet paper I gave him and not my groovy new laptop!

Great contest - thanks. :)


Unknown said...

"My genius hamster wrote a groovy novel on my laptop and decorated it with toilet paper." Great prizes! Yay for Blogmania from Blog #57 ;-) aitmama {{at}} gmail {{tod}} com

Amy (ArtsyBookishGal) said...

My groovy laptop is powered by a hamster running on a toilet paper roll (and munching on toilet paper.)

Thanks for your awesome giveaway!

artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

Unknown said...

I wish I had a laptop.
I had like 5 hampsters growing up.
This contest is so groovy.
I buy Scott toilet paper.


Unknown said...

I almost bought a laptop for Christmas.
I do not want another hampster.
I love the word Groovy.
I've used Toilet paper to teepee as a kid.

Jackie said...

I dabbed my teary eyes with toilet paper at the thought of my missing hamster as I created a groovy "Lost" flyer on my laptop to hang around town.
jackievillano at gmail dot com

mommysosweet said...

I was on my laptop during the Blogmania and the blogmaster asked me to write a story about a groovy hamster who used toilet paper instead of wood shavings for his bed.

Emily said...

I couldn't believe it when my hampster peed all over groovy, new laptop. And all I had to clean up with was toilet paper! Yuck. :)


anamlgrl said...

laptop hamster groovy toilet paper

I looked over and my hamster Pork-a-licious was sitting upon my NEW apple laptop. My daughter thought that was just groovy and proceeded to wrap Porky in toilet paper!


Missy said...

The hamster, who liked to walk across my laptop when I said the word "groovy", unintentionally dragged toilet paper across on his tiny, hamster foot.


Bree, Home of Blogmania said...

I hate getting up from my groovy laptop to save the hamster from the gobs of toilet paper he is tangled in, again. :)- breeJanderson@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Be on the look out for a groovy hampster. He is notorious for stealing laptops and wrapping them in toilet paper!

mammabear06 at gmail dot com

throuthehaze said...

A Groovy toilet paper hamster wearing a toilet paper toga is using a laptop.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

Toilet paper can you imagine if a groovy hamster actually used it, or what if he used a laptop?

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

Groovy, with toilet paper and a laptop I can make a wak-a-mole for my hamster and have something to clean up the mess with!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

Hamsters do not use laptops or toilet paper (I wonder why?) but they are groovy.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

I am pretty sure I have never used groovy in a sentence, nor hamster but I am pretty sure that laptop has come up in my writing and toilet paper is a necessary evil.

cdziuba said...


1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

My hamster ate some toilet paper, and then ran on my groovy laptop.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

My hamster Harold loves to tear up toilet paper all over my laptop and he thinks that just groovy!

DarcyO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Traci66 said...

The groovy hamster tee peed my laptop with toilet paper. Oh,my.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper
Toilet paper sometimes feels groovy so I use a hamster instead (gross) and I write about it on my laptop.

DarcyO said...

A happy hamster painted a groovy flower on a piece of toilet paper and used it as a screensaver for his Mac laptop.

Deleted my previous post because I forgot my e-mail. Sorry!

dlodden at frontiernet dot net

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

I wish toilet paper was not so necessary, I mean you can live without hamsters or a laptop but living without the first just isn't groovy!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper
Why is my hamster Groovy so silly, yesterday he wrapped toilet paper around my laptop--weird?

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Hamsters and toilet paper are not groovy like my laptop!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Want to see something groovy--my laptop just created a hamster dancing with toilet paper!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

As I clean my groovy hamster with toilet paper, my laptop sits unattended.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Where is my hamster and why is my groovy pink laptop wrapped in toilet paper?

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

The hamster said, "It's okay to use toilet paper instead of kleenex when you cry, just don't get it on your groovy pink laptop!"

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

For Blogmania, I am to create a sentence using hamster, groovy, toilet paper and laptop all in one sentence.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Hamster has 7 letters, laptop has six letters, groovy has six letters but toilet paper has 11 letters.

Unknown said...

While I typed away on my laptop my hamster groovy ran across my foot with toilet paper stuck to his paw...silly hamster!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

I have a hamster laughing on my groovy laptop because he wrapped it in toilet paper.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Groovy, I have made my last comment about hamsters, toilet paper and laptops and I am sure you all are glad.

DK's Book Reviews said...

While I was at my laptop the hamster did a groovy little dance before getting tangled up in the toilet paper. Thanks for the entry.


LuAnn said...

Wow, that hamster sure made the laptop look groovy when he cleaned the dust off with toilet paper!

reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

Tabathia B said...

While on my laptop listening to groovy music on the toilet I asked the hamster for more toilet paper :0

tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

There was once a hamster named hamlet that dreamed of becoming a writer. Some of the ideas that he would come up with he would hurry and scribble it down on toilet paper. Unfortunately, the people of the house did not know that they were ruining his work by using that toilet paper. Oh how he wished he had a laptop in which to write his ideas down where they would be safe. Suddenly, there was a spark of light and this fairy appeared before him in this groovy outfit that looked like it was covered in a rainbow. She gave him his wish and he was able to become the awesome writer he wanted to be.

Thank you for letting me join in on the fun.
Dawn in AZ
golden-angel@cox.net or

Erin said...

Very Fun!
My groovy hampster ate the toilet paper while sitting on my laptop.


Rachel McGuire said...

I reached over my hip laptop to grab the groovy hamster without looking, i grabbed my cat instead, poor ratty thing was covered in toilet paper.

Rachel McGuire said...

My groovy laptop has a picture of a hamster eating toilet paper.

Rachel McGuire said...

I love to buy recycled items and I bought this laptop that is made of recycled toilet paper and groovy purple dyed hamster hair.

Rachel McGuire said...

The ghost of Mr Winstences hamster has taken over my groovy laptop made of toilet paper

Unknown said...

What a great contest...love your idea with the words!

Can you believe that this morning when I woke up I saw my pet hampster doing a groovy dance on top of my laptop, wearing a toilet paper toga? What a way to start the day!!!


adge said...

The hamster stole my laptop while hiding underneath rolls of groovy toilet paper. gasweetheart211[at]netscape[dot]net

adge said...

The hamster named Groovy made a bed out of toilet paper while she played on her laptop.

adge said...

My groovy laptop was stolen by a toilet paper eating hamster.

Megan said...

I was browsing thru GROOVY Blogmania sites of my LAPTOP when my son fed TOILET PAPER to his HAMSTER!!


Unknown said...

I just had to come back and follow, I love your way with words!

My hamster told me that a wad of toilet paper got stuck in my laptop keys, so I called the Geek Squad and a groovy man came to pull it out!


Unknown said...

Fun contest!

I was on my laptop when my groovy hamster decided to toilet paper my bedroom.

pirate_pony2 at yahoo dot com

Jodi said...

I think my hamster is jealous of my laptop! I get the feeling he's not feeling so groovy about his toilet paper roll. I wish he was as happy with his toy as I am with mine! :)

Thanks for the giveaway!


Aik said...

My laptop's skin is a picture of a groovy hamster eating toilet paper!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Carol N Wong said...

My groovey hampster strew toilet paper all over my laptop!


Unknown said...

here goes:

I have the toliet paper by the laptop because I'm in the bathroom watching the groovy zhu-zhu pet hamster chasing my kids!


Nise' said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

My kids had hamsters, not so groovy, but they liked the toilet paper rolls. If I had a laptop way back then, I would have googled hamsters and said pick another pet.


Christa said...

My hamster, Toilet Paper, and I are going to enter too many groovy Blogmania giveaways on my laptop.

: )

Cute idea.
ambience.of.rain {at} gmail.com

Esme said...

My hamster wrapped my groovy laptop in toilet paper

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo. com

Pamela Keener said...

My hamster was racing across my laptop with a roll of toilet paper clutched in his mouth papering everything insight.
As I was frantically chasing him to catch that little bugger my nephew was having the time of his life watching this groovy
Love & Hugs,

Emmagan said...

My Groovy hamster was using the laptop in is toilet paper bed.


jeanette8042 said...

My groovy hamster used my laptop to purchase toilet paper.

lilazncutie1215 @ yahoo.com

Lori said...

My laptop screensaver is of a hampster running in a groovy spinning wheel made out of toliet paper.


Emily said...

My hamster used a groovy laptop to wi toilet paper

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

My hands are chasing behind Groovy the hamster with toilet paper to catch any poop that may come out as she runs across my laptop.

Hahahahaha! Thanks for the fun and the giveaway. =O)


Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I couldn't resist doing one more!

It's not groovy when you have to clean hamster excrement from your laptop with wet toilet paper...yuck!


Edna said...

sitting on the toliet holding my laptop and reaching for some toliet paper, and thinking about that gtoovy hamster that I hate to clean after.


katsrus said...

My groovey toilet paper is used for my hamster to sit upon my laptop so he can type.

Thanks for the fun contest.
Sue B

Edna said...

I wish that hampster would be quite, or I am going to wrap him in toliet paper and flush, I am trying to work on my groovy laptop.


mim said...

my hamster made a nest of toilet paper on the laptop--not as groovy as he thought it was!

miriam dot nussbaum at gmail

Unknown said...

The hampster that was made of toliet paper was looking pretty groovy next to my laptop!

Way to make the contest fun!


mim said...

the hamster was distracted from chewing the toilet paper roll by the laptop's groovy screensaver!
miriam dot nussbaum at gmail

Edna said...

my groovy laptop tore up after the hampster wraped in tolit paper go on it.

I love this I could go on forever but need to go to more blogs


Elisabeth Marie said...

I was in the bathroom on my laptop when I had to call my groovy hamster to bring me toilet paper...

~Elisabeth Marie

Coupon Clippin Mommy said...


The groovy hamster dragged the toilet paper into the laptop bag.

Coupon Clippin Mommy said...


My laptop has a picture of a hampster eating toilet paper. This makes for a groovy background.

A Mom's Take said...

The groovy hamster grabbed his laptop and toilet paper and headed to the bathroom! :P
janel_marie at yahoo dot com

Deb said...

huh...mine's not original but hopefully it will count as an entry anyways.

A groovy hampster was looking up toilet paper on his laptop.

deborah150 at hotmail.com

Linda Kish said...

My groovy little hamster just pooped on my laptop and I used toilet paper to try to clean it up. Bad idea.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Gosfam said...

We have such a groovy hamster, he would rather play with the laptop then a boring toilet paper roll.

mattles22 at yahoo dot com

Sandy said...

Love the hamster story. My cat likes to pull the toilet paper off, too. lol


Ashley said...

How fun!

The hamster ran across my groovy laptop wrapped in toilet paper.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win.


ginnn7 said...

My hamster made a groovy cover for my laptop.


Krystalyn Drown said...

The hampster, while whiling away his day doing some online shopping, spotted some groovy toilet paper he might light to shed, so he clicked the keys on the laptop, and purchased it with his human's credit card.

belle5678 at yahoo dot com

Krystalyn Drown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The hamster sits at the groovy laptop eating toilet paper.


CrystalGB said...

As I sat typing on my groovy laptop, I saw a hampster run across the floor with toilet paper stuck to his feet. :)


Jolynn_Reads said...

As I was working on my Laptop, my son comes in with his pet hamster in his hands. He goes to the window & says"Hey, someone has toilet papered the yard!" I get up to look & say "that's Groovy!"

Teresa Young said...

The groovy hamster took a toilet paper break from Blogmania on her laptop.

tmyoung at rochester dot rr dot com

Joni S. said...

I have the most amazing groovy new laptop that's powered by a hamster who only eats toilet paper.

I know. It's crazy what you can buy these days.

jjscalf at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

What's the best way to wash a hamster? I looked it up on my laptop and the groovy way is with toilet paper!


A Musing Mother said...

1. laptop
2. hamster
3. groovy
4. toilet paper

My groovy toilet paper is all gone because my hamster needs to wipe himself to play on the laptop.

ntaylor228 at gmail dot com

scottsgal said...

My groovy hampster left his toilet paper on my laptop - silly boy.
msboatgal at aol.com

Tiny Tutus said...

I am sitting here reding all the groovy blogs on my laptop, then I hear my son say "Mom Deatiny is getting into the toilet paper again" So I yell " well put your toy hamster down and get her out!" :) True story :)

Amy said...

Only non-groovy hamsters use a laptop as toilet paper.

amyliz2008 [at] gmail [dot] com

Tiny Tutus said...

I am sitting here reding all the groovy blogs on my laptop, then I hear my son say "Mom Deatiny is getting into the toilet paper again" So I yell " well put your toy hamster down and get her out!" :) True story :) OOPS FORGOT MY EMAIL so I am psting again. lol

Amy said...

The hamster sold all of his toilet paper to be able to afford one groovy laptop.

amyliz2008 [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

This is so fun... (hamster, laptop, Groovy, toilet paper)

My hamster Toilet Paper and I went for a long walk in the park. While walking we came across a lady with this really groovy Laptop so we decided to stop and visit with her for a while.


Sarah Coulsey said...

While playing on my LAPTOP, I took my GROOVY HAMSTER and shoved him in a TOILET PAPER roll!!! Then I recycled him!!! LOL

This is so much fun!! Thank you for an awesome giveaway and day!!! I am a follower.

sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com


Snowflake07 said...

As I stumbled to the corner of my cage at 3am, the light of my owner's laptop helped guide the way. I was having the most groovy dream about being human. Thank goodness I'm a hamster; otherwise I would need toilet paper.
hotpepper71 at bell south dot net

Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. said...

Mom, the hamster is watching those groovy dancing hamsters on the laptop again and the dog has eaten the toliet paper.

Goodies! Send mine here:

Snowflake07 said...

O Hamster, Hamster! Wherefore art thou Hamster?
Deny thy laptop and refuse thy toilet paper;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be groovy.

hotpepper71 at bell south dot net

Leonard Family said...

I have a goovy hamster wrapping toliet paper on my laptop!

Leonard Family said...

My laptop was playing groovy music. It made my hampster do the toilet paper dance!

Leonard Family said...

Using soft toliet paper makes me want to act like a groovy hampster and write about it on my laptop!!


BreezinBy87@aol.com is my contact information for each of my post! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

There is a hamster on the loose in my house, know what he did? He was sitting at my laptop placing an order for 500 rolls of toilet paper. I'm sure he thought he was groovy until he saw the look on my face.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Alert Alert:
Be on the look out for Hungry Hamsters breaking into convenience stores and looting toilet paper to use as a disguise for stealing laptop computers. These Hamsters tend to act a bit groovy before they strike...beware!


lovelyritaann said...

I have a groovy hamster that had an accident on my laptop so I needed toilet paper.

lovelyritaann at sbcglobal dot net

Kathy C said...

I was writing a pretty groovy story on my laptop when I heard a sound from the other room. I set the laptop aside and crept down the hall only to find the hamster eating all the toilet paper. :)



Tami said...

While chasing my hamster across the room, toilet paper stuck to my heel, I tripped over the chair and knocked my laptop to the floor. Groovy!

Unknown said...

my laptop
has a groovy hamster in it that likes to eat toilet paper. amypugmire@live.com

Kim said...

My hamster did a groovy on my laptop and now I have to clean it up with toilet paper. :)


♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

The hamster made a mess on my groovy laptop. I had to use toilet paper to clean it up. :)
itzacin at aol dot com

Editor Cassandra said...

PENS! HIGHLIGHTERS! I'm such a sucker for office supplies!

Last night, my pet lobster invited his friend Mr. Hamster over for dinner and a night of disco dancing. The night was great as they boogied down to the groovy music until Lobster came out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to his shoe and everyone laughed at him! poor lobster!

Thanks for this AWESOME giveaway!

irrelevantheart AT gmail DOT com!

Connie Black said...

I just got done searching my groovy laptop for a way for my hamster to change the toilet paper roll....but had no succes!
epblack at zoominternet dot net

Marie said...

The groovy hamster (you can tell he is groovy because he is wearing the "right" sunglasses) is sleeping in a toilet paper tube on top of my laptop -- so much for working today :-)


Kelley said...

I just googled on my laptop and it is definatly not "groovy" to use recycled bits of toilet paper in the bottom of a hampster cage.

Kathy Martin said...

The hamster pooped on my laptop. I couldn't find the toilet paper to clean it up. It was not groovy!

My email is kmartin802 AT gmail DOT com. Thanks for taking part in Blogmania.

Tara said...

Oh no, a groovy hamster just got a hold on the toilet paper and tracked it through the house and over my laptop.
sweetpeonies07 at gmail

Jennifer Mathis said...

my groovey hamster looks like a keyboard wrapped in toilet paper lol


Anonymous said...

The hamster said, "Oh, groovy! A home I can eat" when he saw an empty toilet paper roll, lined inside with peanut butter and sunflower seeds, on the laptop screen.

Dagny said...

The hamster ran across the groovy laptop trailing some toilet paper. "How embarrassing!" he said.

dagnykream at gmail dot com

Jamie said...

The groovy wallpaper on my laptop is a hamster wrapped in toilet paper!!

Nightly Cafe said...

US. The hamster tredged across the laptop while trailing groovy toilet paper that was stuck to his foot. :). bkwalkerbooks at comcast dot net great site and I'm a new follower

Beverly said...

When I came home my laptop was covered in toilet paper and my hampster was wearing a groovy hat!

Please enter me in the contest!

Rebecca Wells said...

The hamster on my laptop is designing groovy designer toilet paper.

- Rebecca


Haydensmommy05 said...

That groovy hamster decided to sneeze on my laptop so I gave him some toilet paper to blow his nose!

Unknown said...

I glanced up from my laptop to see my hamster, Groovy, unrolling all of the bathroom toilet paper.

robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

Martha Eskuchen said...

My sweet hamaster, Ham, is pretty groovy, until he runs across my laptop and I have to clean up with toilet paper.

That was fun! Happy Blogmania.
mesreads ATgmail.com

Dawn said...

As I sat at my laptop reading my friends' blogs,the groovy little hamster came across the hall, trailing toilet paper behind him.

Nutty Artist said...

My new piece of art is a hamster made our of toilet papert. The hamster is typing away on a laptop. It's a groovy piece of art.

Nutty Artist said...

The last post has errors. That's what happens when a cat trys to help out. It should say:
My new piece of art is a hamster made out of toilet paper. The hamster is typing away on a laptop. It is a groovy piece of art.

Texas Book Lover said...

Wow what a great Friday...just sitting at work looking at all the GROOVY Blogmania sites on my LAPTOP when this crazy HAMPSTER comes running in my office with a piece of TOILET PAPER stuck to its leg. Thank you! mmafsmith@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I put my little hamster in a toilet paper roll. He chewed a groovy hole right through. My laptop video caught the whole episode.

Mandy said...

The groozy hamster used my laptop as toilet paper
bratdownstairs @yahoo.com

Mandy said...

The toilet paper threw the laptop at the groozy hamster
bratdownstairs @yahoo.com

Mandy said...

I feel groovy using my laptop made of hamsters and toilet paper
bratdownstairs @yahoo.com

Mandy said...

What can be more groovy then researching toilet paper scented hamsters on my laptop?
bratdownstairs @yahoo.com

Karen said...

My son is the writer, always tapping on the laptop keys like a hamster's clicking claws instead of groovy scribblings on toilet paper.

I'd love to win this pack for him!


Mandy said...

And then the groovy toilet paper said to the hamster covered laptop, "No soap...radio!"
bratdownstairs @yahoo.com

Mandy said...

...add a pinch of laptop, a dash of toilet paper and a squirt of hamster to the groovy pot, bring to a boil....
bratdownstairs @yahoo.com

Carole Spring said...

My pet hampster got stuck in a toilet paper roll, so I had to use my laptop to post a groovy comment on Twitter to ask for help with the catastrophe!

Your entry requirements have been the most fun!!! Thank you for the giveaway.


Carole Spring said...

My laptop is so old that it requires a hamster running inside a roll of toilet paper to power it up and keep it operating.


Carole Spring said...

I used my laptop to research how to have a groovy experience with my hampster and toilet paper roll (ala Richard Gere)


Unknown said...

I hate it when my hamster thinks it's groovy to use my laptop screen as toilet paper. :)


grannyvon said...

I have a laptop on which I can access most anything like groovy hamster making a wheel out of tolied paper. ybutler@oppcatv.com

Carole Spring said...

Hamster $12.98
Laptop $684.99
A groovy music video $19.95
Toilet paper …… priceless


Kelly's Lucky You said...

What a fun contest! I love Carole's answer!!!

Here's mine: The precocious hamster ran across my laptop, typing out the word "groovy" and I was so surprised that now I need toilet paper.

kellysluckyyou at yahoo dot com

Amanda said...

My husband likes to take his laptop to the bathroom to look up groovy hamsters while on the toilet and finishes up with toilet paper!


Unknown said...

My groovy hamster makes toilet paper statues while sitting on my laptop. Thanks for the chance!
Kelly Deaton - secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

Sans Pantaloons said...

Holy hornets from Holland!
Never in a million years did I think a Blogmania post from a Groovy Old lady would get this many comments!
Ouch!; excuse me a moment. I'll have to put down my laptop.
I need to visit the restroom to get some toilet paper. My pet hamster is tearing me asunder.

Angelia said...

I used to have a very goovy little hamster named Ninja. Ninja love to hang out with me while I typed on my laptop. He would run in and out of his toilet paper tube and try to get my attention.

How's that? Funny thing...it's true story!!

contestrobyn said...

My hamster pooped on my groovy laptop and I had to clean it up with toilet paper.

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

I like to cover my hamster in toilet paper while I work on my groovy laptop!
Shamrocks and Shenanigans

shamnshen at gmail.com

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

My hamster likes to eat toilet paper while I am on my groovy laptop.
Shamrocks and Shenanigans

shamnshen at gmail.com

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

I like to eat toilet paper instead of hamsters while on my groovy laptop!
Shamrocks and Shenanigans

shamnshen at gmail.com

debbie said...

The hamster made a groovy laptop using only ducttape and toilet paper.

Jenna said...

My laptop screensaver alternates between John Travolta dancing with a hamster in groovy atire and invisible word-of-the-day toilet paper.


Coupon Clippin Mommy said...


I bought my groovy hamster a roll of toilet paper and a laptop

Michelle S. said...

My Hamster had toilet paper stuck to his feet as he ran across my laptop and he sent a real groovy email when he pressed send.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting on the porch, typing up my Blogmania post on my laptop when all of a sudden I hear an awful noise coming from inside the house. Reluctantly, I got up to go see what in the world was going on. As I step into my groovy retro living room, I see my hampter Clyde had escaped from his cage. Some how he had gotten into the bathroom, jumped on the toilet paper holder which of course got caught in one of his paws and was running through the house stringing it from room to room. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I finally caught him and spent 45 minutes cleaning up the mess. Man, Clyde's lucky I love him or he'd be flushed down the toilet by now.

That was fun!!
Thanks for such a great giveaway!


Unknown said...

I was on my laptop when a groovy hamster came over to me and offered me some toilet paper.

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I was on my laptop, googling "groovy hamster" and got a link to buy toilet paper!

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

The hamster said "Groovy lapop, can you pass me some toilet paper?"

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Stormi said...

The baby hamster went up to his mother who was looking all groovy playing on her laptop and asked for some toilet paper.


Thanks for the giveaway,

Margot said...

I was reading a sad short story on my laptop. As I wiped my eyes with toilet paper, my hamster hugged me and said, "Don't cry. Life is still groovy."

margot dot peck at gmail dot com

Sherry said...

I've been entering contest to win a groovy new laptop and all I won was some Northern toilet paper and a hamster. I guess I should read the fine print when entering.


Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

I was buying toilet paper because my sister's hamster had literally ruined our last roll, when this groovy looking laptop caught my eye.

dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

Kristyn Martin said...

My groovy hampster wrapped my laptop in toilet paper! :)


Unknown said...

My hamster eats toilet paper, while dancing on my laptop, because he is groovy like that! Yeah!


susitravl said...

Sitting here, surfing on my laptop. Hope to find a groovy new hamster for my kids but this one can't eat toilet paper like the last one did.

LB said...

My groovy laptop has been overrun by pictures of hamsters made out of toilet paper!ugh! Trying again :)

petrellinyc-slinky at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

My groovy hamster drug toilet paper behind him as he scampered across the keys of my laptop!

lexigurl_17 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mary said...

While searching for a deal on toilet paper, I came across a really groovy blog. I was able to enter this awesome blogmainia giveaway, before my daughters hamster dive bombed my laptop. Lucky Me!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!

Viva said...

The absentminded hamster dropped some toilet paper on my laptop on his way to the bathroom. Groovy.

Carra RIley said...

I was using my laptop when Deborah Ledford IM'd me about this groovy site. I got off my hamster wheel ran to the bathroom to blow my nose with toilet paper and got back on to see what all the buzz was about! I am sure glad she sent me here as this day rocks!

You can reach me on my website http://CosmicCowPie.com

Hope to play with you on Sept. 15th!

jakiesmom said...

the wacky little hamster was let out of his cage. he started feeling all groovy with this newfound freedom and ended up checking out his owners laptop to see what they were always upto. well all the lil guy saw was an ad for charmin toilet paper on the screen and scurried off to find out more
thanks for the chance

Unknown said...

That hamster made a bed of toilet paper on my groovy laptop. Gotta follow you now!

marisphere2 at gmail dot com

Dawn Doucette said...

I game my hampster a groovy laptop but all he wanted was toilet paper.

You are going to have some great laughs reading all of these comments! :)

Great giveaway, thanks for participating!

You are welcome to enter my giveaway for my free custom designed jewelry set!

Happy surfing!
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designsbydawnmd (at) gmail (dot) com

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