27 March 2009

The Top Ten Reasons Groovy is Thankful for the Itchy Hive Attack

10. I did have a bad reaction, but I did NOT go into anaphylactic shock!

9. I got to read all the Agatha Christie mysteries I wanted. I just love Miss Marple. *sigh*

8. By God's gracious providence, I can afford all the lotions, potions, and meds I am using.

7. My hubby felt sorry for me and bought me chocolate.

6. I have infintely more empathy for friends with chronic skin conditions!

5. I can appreciate God's humor in allowing this to happen to me almost immediately after I started a study unit on "Patience" with the girlies.

4. I've been reminded how many people love me and care for me - including my very sweet and thoughtful daughters.

3. GrammaJ has been genuinely comforting instead of lecturing me. (She HAS been in anaphylactic shock; more than once!)

2. I got out of a week's worth of housework. :-D

1. IT'S ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!


Keetha Broyles said...

You go girl!!!! Those are ten great reasons to give thnaks.

Susan said...

The Lord certainly gave you an extra dose of humor, which you share so generously with us. Thanks!!
The verification word is rekuper. Ha Ha

Sushiboy said...

I hate, hate HATE anaphylactic shock. I'm allergic to a lot of things but ironically I've gone into shock from allergy shots more than from actual real world problems. Sometimes the cure is worse than the condition!

Dawn said...

What a great list - and I'm so thankful for you that it's over!

Karen said...

Oooh! Mysteries, chocolate, sympathy, AND no housework for a week? Sweetie, even I would put up with the itchies for a week if I got that kind of treatment.

Ok, maybe not really, but, you know... sort of... but only for a week.