23 March 2009

Wandering Brain Drivel *scratch*scratch*scratch*


Well, Mulletman and I are training in earnest now for the Trek Across Maine. It's a challenge to ride in 40ºF (4.4ºC) weather with road sand/salt blowing in your face and ice/puddles in the roadway, but we've been doing it. We've also both been lifting weights and walking/running.

However, I DO think there is a conspiracy against me. For a while I had to suspend training due to some hip/ankle problems. I got those resolved and started ramping up my workouts again. Then I came down with gastroenteritis - weakness, chills, diarrhea, fatigue. I recovered from that and started back to the grind when I developed a severe allergic reaction to pool chlorine. I have a horrible itchy rash with welts all over my body. The only parts of my anatomy that are exempt are my hands and the central part of my face. Having experienced both chiggers and wide-spread poison ivy infections - I'd rate this rash as at least as awful as the two combined!!!


At any rate, the rash is slowing my workouts because if I get hot and sweaty, the itching increases exponentially!


On top of all that, my asthma has been uncharacteristically awful. When I'm running or riding, you can hear me wheezing 3 blocks away! Oy!

The past 2 years I have single-handedly done ALL the fundraising for both Mulletman and myself. This year he is FINALLY coming out of his I-just-don't-feel-comfortable-asking-for-money funk and has raised a whole $15 (thus far) all by his lonesome.

I am so proud. *sniff*

We'd love to take the girls with us one of these soon approaching years, but we both loathe the thought of raising the required funds for 4 of us!


Oh well, if you'd like to help Mulletman or myself toward our fundraising goals for the American Lung Association of Maine, you can donate with your credit card via the links in the top of my sidebar.

And many thanks to Jen and to Anne for your donations! I really appreciate the way you two have gotten the ball rolling!

God's been doing some "housecleaning" in my spirit of late. It's not comfortable, but it's good.

Speaking of "comfortable", we've been visiting a local nursing home with some fellow homeschoolers the past few weeks. Mercy is truly NOT my gift, so the whole idea only appeals to me in an altruistic way. i.e. It seems like a good idea - a nice practice to expose my kids to, but I don't look forward to it. At all.

But there was real shift in my mind and feelings this past Tuesday as I got to talk with more of the inmates residents. I actually A. enjoyed myself and B. felt genuine compassion for a couple of the folks there.

And my friend EarlyBird learned a lesson too. She was pretty stressed when she got there to sing and visit because she had dented her new car AND hit a big, tough looking prison inmate who was working at the dump, in his back with a frisbee. (Don't ask...)


She was having trouble settling down and focusing until Harriet came in all decked out to hear us sing. Harriet had even worn make-up. Oh yes, she had. We all lined up to sing and EarlyBird started to giggle. And giggle and giggle. I shot her a questioning look. "Well," she whispered to me as she glanced toward Harriet, "God just reminded me that I don't have it that bad. At least I don't wear lipstick on my eyebrows!"

God is good. :-D

I routinely get emails from a popular women's magazine announcing all their latest giveaway contests. I saw one for free ice cream and immediately filled it out without really reading the fine print. Then I looked more closely and saw that I had signed up for a chance to win 6 pints of Tahoe Creamery ice cream which retails for.....................................EIGHTY STINKING DOLLARS!

6 pints. $80.

12 cups. $80.

96 ounces. $80.

3/4 of a gallon. $80.

That. does. not. compute.

If I win it, I'm not sure I'd be able to eat it. Instead, we'll save it up so we can sell it if we get into financial straights.


Last week was a busy one:

-We took GrammaJ (and ourselves) grocery shopping.

-We bought fabric for Easter skirts and scored some great deals on clothing for the girls at TJ Maxx.

-We visited the nursing home.

-We had friends over for supper.

-We got haircuts.

-We went to EarlyBird's farm and got to witness the birth of three baby does.

Girly-Girl and Silly-Head and a couple of 4-H friends watched the birth from over the wall of the stall.

Here's Emma with her firstborn. The kid was breech and EarlyBird had to intervene. Fortunately all three kids were just fine.

-We went to another friend's house to work on quilts for orphans in Swaziland.

-We swam at the Boys & GirlsClub. (Moral of the story? Never, EVER swim in a chlorinated pool without showering afterwards. stupid! Stupid! STUPID!!!)


-We went to yet another friend's farm to start learning about horses - how to understand them, how to handle them, how to act around them.

Here are the girls with Jillian - a 44 year-old Welsh pony. (She's over 100 in people years!) Jillian has trained many, many a child in the equestrian arts.


Ok...I'm starting to really squirm here.



Time for a bath in Aveeno!!!


Susan said...

You have been VERY busy. Enjoyed hearing about all the adventures.

Susan said...

Answering your comment: YES, to us who know the Lord it is very exciting. My concern is for all those who do not know the Lord!!!!

Dawn said...

I am itching now!! You poor kid!

You have been extremely busy - that is a very old horse.

I would never have the courage or impetus to do another one of those rides after all the trauma you've gone through!

Paul Nichols said...

You left the word "Sheesh" in my Cuss-Free Zone. I love that word and use it frequently. Thanks for visiting. I hope you return. I enjoy lurking around your blog, too.

I'm impressed with your trek across Maine. Maybe in 2012 you can join me for a few miles. I plan and hope to trek across the USA. I won't be riding; I'll walk. If I can do this, I'll be the oldest known person to do so. I try to walk a hundred miles a month. Like you, I'm having a hard time with ankles and other sorenesses right now. But...

The wind was blowing so hard today here in The Heart of America that I walked twice as long but only half as far. It's still blowing; the trees are swaying, making the spookiest noises. Sheesh!

Karen said...

ooh, I feel for you, Groovy. Itching like that is horrible. I'd almost take a nasty head-bonk over that kind of itching.

Shortly after Thing was born, I broke out in hormone-induced hives that lasted for about two weeks. Wherever anything touched my skin, I'd break out in itchy welts. Wearing anything except my nightgown was a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Oh, groovy, nnnoooooo! I think the universe is telling you to let Mulletman ride alone. That's just my take on things ;)

I am glad I wasn't drinking tea when I read about hitting the inmate in the back w/the Frisbee. I would have ruined the keyboard. One day, I'm sure she'll look back and laugh!

Eat. The. Ice. Cream. That is all :D