28 March 2009


Still itchy, though the hives are fading.

Prednisone is wonderful/awful - helps the itching and rash, but makes my face swell and thickens my tongue so it's hard to talk. Laid me out with exhaustion on Thursday, made me hyper yesterday, laid me out again today. Of course, I had a party today. Fun party, too - I think. I'm not sure who came or what they did, but they were all very nice people - I think. I assume from this pile of order sheets on my desk that some of them bought Pampered Chef products. That's a good thing - I think.

More reasons I am thankful for the itchy rash from hell:

1. I am not pregnant or nursing. Now THAT would be awful right now!

2. I got a full body peel without having to pay any spa fees.

3. I haven't been able to had to shave or wear, um, support for a week and a half now.

4. My breathing is not affected by all the swelling.

5. I wasn't scheduled to sing at church the past 2 weeks.

6. No one objects to me sleeping in.

Until next time, this is Groovy - I think.


Susan said...

This too shall pass.....but I'm sure not soon enough for you.

Anonymous said...

I totally sympathise, Groovy. I suffer from eczema and it has been really bad for about 3 months. The itch is unbearable. Hope you feel better soon. XXX

Anonymous said...

I hope you get past this soon! Glad to see you're still looking on the positive (though I'm not surprised).

Take care!

Karen said...

Oh, the not wearing support thing... Unfortunately, if I don't support them, I trip over them.

Yeah, age is a blast, isn't it?

Feel better soon, Groovy.

(word verification: predrop)

groovyoldlady said...

Predrop? I think I'm postdrop!