10 November 2007

This Pink is Weirding Me Out

I'm serious. What is it with women and pink? I asked Mrs. Groovy if I could de-pink it, but she wouldn't hear of it. I mean, it's kind of embarassing for me to even write here. What if the guys find out, you know?

Oh well, she promised me cookies if I'd write this post for her. I think that's really just a ploy to keep me out of her birthday brownies, but they're gonna be molasses cookies; I'm a sucker for molasses cookies.

Besides, if I'm here doing good deeds, then it'll be all the longer before my Mom finds out about the kitchen. She's gonna be pretty ripped when she sees the mess I made! Maybe if I make this post "groovy" enough, Mrs. Groovy will write me out of my dilemma.

OK. Here goes:

First of all I'm s'posed to remind all you people that Mrs. Groovy is having a Groovy Giveaway. Just click the link to find out more and to sign up for your chance to win some dorky looking terrific book. Trust me, you don't want to pass this one by.


Anyway, she wants you all to know that she's written 7,888 words in my story. Frankly she got bogged down as to how to get my mom out of the house after the fire, so she just wrote:

She was depressed. And late to work. Bummer. Save the sauce, she'll buy more noodles later. leave the spot alone. She'll clean it up tomorrow.

She highlighted that part in PINK (gag) - I think cause she's gonna come back to it or something - and then skipped on to what actually, you know, happened when I tried to be the nice son and clean up the spot myself.

Now I'm in deep kimchi!

Hey, now that I have a little time to look around here, I like this place. I mean, this house is HUGE. Not like the podunk little trailer that Mom and I live in. Maybe we could move in with the Groovy's...

She's shaking her head no - something about having "other plans" for me and Mom. Who's she think she is? God or something?

Hey look, I gotta go. I just spotted Dina Swanson riding her bike down the road and I gotta get my binoculars...No, wait. That's not her. It's just my new nextdoor neighbor Lydia. She's one of the sisters living in that homeschooling/cult/orphanage place.

Man, she lit outa there like geyser. I wonder where she's going so fast? Maybe it's time for me to test out Gabe's repair work on MY bike.

Catch ya later!

Hmmm. Thanks Jason. That was...special.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

LOL! That is all I can say!

Unknown said...

Loving this!

Corn Dog said...

Too funny.

anno said...

I love this guy -- not that I'd want him to take over your blog or anything, but am enjoying these guest appearances. Anytime.

Marianne Arkins said...

Save the sauce, she'll buy more noodles later.

I don't know why, but this seriously tickled my funny bone.

I like Jason. He's like, too much.

Anonymous said...

Jason rocks!

notcon4med said...

I'm with Jason. Ditch the pink! : D

Carole Burant said...

Jason...you da man!! You look kinda cute in pink though...ok ok, no you don't, but I just wanted to be nice. hehe Make sure Mrs. Groovy makes those cookies for you since you did such a terrific job posting for her again!!! xox

Karen said...

If I let one of my characters post to my blog, he'd probably blow it up. Stuff like that happens to him. A lot.

It's a gift...

Dawn said...

I am glad you're having such fun with Jason! Ha.

I don't think I could survive putting such pressure upon myself to create!!