09 November 2007

It's a Groovy Giveaway!!!!

What else would you expect?

And just what is Groovy giving away?

This book:

No, the real book is not written backwards. It only LOOKS backwards in the photo because my camera is on the fritz and I had to use Photo Booth to take the pic.

The book is:

I'm Dreaming of Some White Chocolate by Rhonda Rhea and it promises Christmas Reflections with a little holly & a lot of jolly.

Personally, I am dreaming of DARK chocolate, so I'm going to pass this one on to one of my groovy readers.

If you'd like a chance at winning the book, just leave a comment on THIS post. I'll announce the winner next Friday, November 16.


I'm only up to 6,740 words this morning. So I need to get back to my typing. Jason WILL be back. Right now he's busy helping his mom clean the soot from the kitchen fire off the ceiling.


Marianne Arkins said...

I'm with you on the dark chocolate thing... what's the point of white?? Seriously.

Poor Jason, stuck cleaning when he'd rather be riding his bike.

funsocksgirl said...

HAHAHA! i was like 'awesome! a backwards book, who WOULDN'T want that?!'

of course i understand that being related to you probably excludes me from this giveaway, but i had to tell you it gave me quite a laugh :-D

Unknown said...

White chocolate is by far my favorite!! I blogged you too :)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Better get cracking young lady! Write, write, write! LOL! Huggles!

Dawn said...

Jason had better get busy catching up! I'm with the dark chocoholics - there are a few whole like white better, including my DIL. Can't figure that one out!

Carole Burant said...

White or dark...chocolate is chocolate and I LOVE it! lol Giveaways are always so much funnnnn:-) xox

Not Hannah said...

Oh, but white chocolate with almonds is so yummy.

Check you out, Groovy. Go, go, go!!

Ms. Kathleen said...

Oh YUM! That is a capital YUM! Also anything Christmasy is just wonderful. Have a great day!

Damselfly said...

I dream of dark chocolate too. But please put me in the running for the book!

Good luck on writing today. I did NaNoWriMo a couple years ago, and now I'm doing NaBloPoMo.

Unknown said...

I would love a chance at winning that book. Please count me in.

I love any color CHOCOLATE!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for stopping by , via Pea`s blog ! Nice to meet you ! :o)
I LOVE chocolate !
I`ll love a chance to win it !
thank-you :o)

Cathie said...

Books are a treasure -- and I would love the opportunity to indulge. As for chocolate - oh WHITE WHITE WHITE or DARK DARK DARK!!! Books, chocolate and coffee -- YUM!

Anonymous said...

Almond Joys to the World!
The lard has come!
Let Earth receive her king(-sized candy bar)

Let every gullet
prepare some room

For fudgy, nutty, crunchy, minty treats,
For caramel, coconut, marshmallow and praline sweets,

And heaven! Oh heaven! The head(ache) will sing!

So that's my combo of chocolate and Christmas....sorry it's so syrupy. :D

Candes said...

I have been dreamin about dark chocolate a bit too much lately. LOL... Thanx for having the giveaway. :)