12 November 2007

Procrastination Perpetuality

Groovy sits down to work on her novel.

Somehow the email program opens instead.

Hello, Sally. Pray for Kit. Gets directed to Xanga.com. Reads Blogger comments. OH a Facebook message!

Speaking of Facebook...plays Scrabulous with Funsocksgirl, returns a message to Bev, thinks up a clever (cough) new note for the top of Groovy's page.

Speaking of Blogger...Came here and started randomly surfing from blog to blog. Groovy reminded herself to not waste time leaving comments. She left comments anyway. Now she feels guilty because she didn't go to everyone's blog and leave comments.

Time for a snack. A low-carb snack for a low energy day. Groovy needs to kick the sugar habit before she bursts out at the seams. Literally.

Throw some clothes in the washer.

Come upstairs and catch a teddy bear trying to steal Silly-Head's hot chocolate: (Waiting for Blogger to upload the picture...)

Sit down to write. Jason and his mom make cookies together after a poignant moment. Except that it's NOT poignant, it's lame. Groovy grumbles at her ineptness and opens Safari.

Time to change to that new Time Warner email address before all Groovy's internet goodies get tossed out into the internetherworld. Groovy downloads and form fills and then realizes she doesn't have the account number. This is becasue even though she pretends to be Robert (Hello, Robert!), she is not. She is clueless Groovy. She does the techy stuff (double cough with a choke thrown in for good measure) but Robert gets the bills next door.

Robert aka Grampy can't find the account number 'cause Grammy is the one who pays and files the bills. Email changes are tabled until she returns from her errand running.

Back to the novel. Wait...did the washer just finish? Groovy switches loads around and says "Here, here!" for James Dobson as he defends himself against evil liberal slanderers.

Gotta feed the girls. Looks at pictures of the girls on the computer. Finds this cute one and decides she needs to post it on her blog: (Waits and WAITS for stupid picture to upload)

Brrrriiiiinnnng. Gotta talk to Gramma J. She's depressed and not feeling well so Groovy talks a looooong time.

Back to Jason. Roadblock. Stupid fingers keep typing incorehent wrods. Too much time retyping. Fixing. Mending. Grousing.

Groovy decides to fill out an insurance mandated health form online that guarantees a $25 gift certificate. The site is down.

Groovy has a headache.

Needs to teach school. Yep.

Opens Blogger and strats typing. Stupid fingers!

Now Groovy is banging her head on the desk because her verb tenses in this post are all mixed up, but she's too distracted to fix them. Stupid verb tenses!

Groovy gets chastised by small fry for using the "S" word so many times in this post. Stupid "S" word!

Gotta wash another load...

Groovy decides in the midst of her dark mood to be generous. Sign up for this Groovy Giveaway. If you win, Groovy will also send you chocolate. Dark, Milk, AND White. This, even though she steadfastly maintains that chocolate and white cannot coexist.

And now Groovy, who should be teaching school and writing a brilliant novel is wondering how her birthday post disappeared. Where did it go?


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

My poor Groovy friend! LOL! Always one thing after another! Huggles!

Marianne Arkins said...


And, I'm not procrastinating. I'm visiting your blog as ... as... RESEARCH. Yeah. That's it. I'm researching... something...

That's my story.

Hang in there. And, WHEN I win your contest, you can send dark only. White chocolate. Blech. A waste of perfectly good calories.


anno said...

Uh-oh. Your day sounds just about like mine. Just ignore that inquiry about your [mysteriously missing] birthday post. I bet Jason did something with it.

Damselfly said...

Hahaha! There are so many distractions to sitting down to write.

I love the teddy bear picture.

Tammy said...

That teddy bear is looking like he thinking hard about downing that hot chocolate! So cute...and so are the little girlies with their pumpkins!

Good luck with the rest of your novel...I so admire you for this!
I've found distractions not to finish mine for the past three years...namely blogging! So you keep writing, you hear me! ;)

Anonymous said...

YOu worked very hard at not working on your novel, and I think there's something heroic in that.

I'm working just as hard at not working myself. I think we need an intervention.

Was at a business meeting at Starbucks today. While I talked about a brochure for a company with their salespeople, there was a woman next to me with her laptop typing something novelesque with headings such as "Chapter 40." It was almost more than I could take.

Maybe I should try writing at Starbucks. At least it would but the other novelists who are procrastinating. I'll put "Chapter 50" at the top of my page and type "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." over and over.

We need chocolate!

Unknown said...

Oh Groovy! To be as creative as you!

I love your new description of yourself at top of blog, by the way!

groovyoldlady said...

Anne, You made me spit my coffee all over my previously clean keyboard!

Pam...I hate to tell you this, but I haven't changed a thing...except my email address.

Anonymous said...

Groovy, you are the best. Hilarious post!

Dawn said...

I can't even imagine trying to home school, keep up the laundry, keep mom happy, keep up with blog friends, AND write a novel. Too much. Eat Chocolate!! Dark Chocolate!!

Anonymous said...

I have a headache just thinking about all the things you need to get done. Good luck!