04 April 2015

From Season to Season

One of the things I love about living up Nawth is that we get to experience all four seasons (Five, if you count "mud season")

Sadly, we seem to be having a bit of trouble here moving on to spring this year.  Here're some pics from March 31.

Here's "Lake Caprine" in our goat pen.  This "lake" froze the night after these pics were taken and Annika, our VERY pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat went belly up on the ice.  She looked like an odd, white, furry turtle waving her useless legs in the air.  Fortunately, she was not injured!

The little porch you see there is about 1/2 a flight of stairs high.  The snow pile is from all the snow that came down off our steep metal roof.

Oh Look!  There's actually a bud on the lilac tree...Of course, one of the goats ate it right after I took this photo.

Today is April 4.  It is Cookie's 8th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Cookie!  Oh look - we are celebrating by having more snow today!  Don't you feel special?


In other news, Ditza is 145 days of pregnant today.  According my very trustworthy sources, most LaManchas tend to kid around day 145.  I think Ditz is holding out for the middle of Easter dinner tomorrow, instead.

Annika dropped her last set of kids on Day 143.  She'll be at that mile marker on Monday.  

Electra got her "birthing clip" today.  She has quite long hair for a dairy goat, so there was a great deal of clipping to do.  She is skinny as a rail, ornery as....a goat, and has the weirdest looking little lopsided udder I've ever seen.  I can't feel any babies, but she does have the udder (sort of) and her personality has changed tremendously.  We should know within another week or so if she is actually pregnant or if she is playing an elaborate hoax on all of us.  

If she's NOT pregnant, then I'll be voting for her to move on to another home as a pet!  Here's a pic of her clip job and her sad, strange little udder.

I'm lacking a bit of sleep from repeated trips to the sliding glass doors on the porch in the middle of the night listening, listening for suspicious sounds of someone in labor in the goat shed.

These clowns are really keeping me on my toes!

Ok, I've been sitting here too long.  The sun is starting to come out from behind the clouds - HUZZAH! - and I need to go see if anyone is in labor!


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So good to read something from YOU!!!

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