08 August 2014

And So The Truth Comes Out...

Alright, I admit it.  I am not thrilled with the idea of another cross-country camping trip.  We did it 2 years ago.  It was incredibly fun.  We made it through the whole month together with nary a fight, no sickness, no mishaps, and oodles of terrific experiences.  However, the trip was sooooooooooo looooong.  And, as much as I like the idea of adventures, I prefer to be HOME.  In fact, Girly-Girl and I both started sobbing when we finally saw the sign for the bridge into Maine.  We were SO GLAD to be almost done with the trip!

But the BHE truly needs this trip and he is so right that this is probably the best year for it.  Soon the girls will have jobs and cars and "lives" and will be next to impossible for us all to get away together. Not to mention our parents' deteriorating health and goats in milk and homeschool science classes at our house, etc.

Unless the Lord throws up a BIG roadblock, this is the time.  But I haven't been on board with the plan at all - except for the fact that it would be good for my hubby.  In fact, I was praying that the whole idea would just "go away".  At least, I was until yesterday when I actually posted about our potential plans.  It is like writing it down made it real somehow.  And desirable.  And maybe even FUN.

Last night I started making lists of what we needed to pack and food ideas and secret plans for Girly-Girl's 15th birthday.  I woke up this morning with sudden ideas for how to make things run smoothly for our folks while we're gone.  In other words, yesterday's blog post tripped a switch in me.  I'm ready to plan and load up and GO!

Right after we finish all these 4-H Goat Shows!

More details to follow, so stay tuned...

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