07 August 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Unsettling

Hiho and Happy Summer to all of you.

Here in Groovyville, things have been extremely busy.  We've got it all going on - the good, the bad, and the unsettling.

Let's start with the GOOD:
     -God has blessed us all with good health.
     -Both the girls placed super well in their 4-H Dairy Goat shows!  Silly-Head got 2 firsts as a "Junior" and Girly-Girl got 2 seconds against some steep competition.  They both worked very hard, jumped in whenever anyone else needed help and had wonderful attitudes.  I am a VERY proud Groovy 4-H mom!
     -There are still 2 exciting fairs for us to show dairy goats at!  We are all looking forward to the shows!
     -The weather has been lovely thus far with very few "Too hot" days.   We've had rain interspersed at perfect intervals, so there has been no need to water the garden at all.  I must say that our part of Podunk, Maine is lush and beautiful right now!
     -Speaking of my garden; it's doing quite well except for the returning tomato blight.  We've harvested garlic and carrots and the onions are almost ready.  I'm drying parsley and basil now.  And a friend gave us many strawberry plants to plant.  FUN!
     -All the goaties are healthy and full of vinegar.  They keep us very entertained with all their antics.  *sigh*  I love my goaties!  We are praying earnestly for success in getting them all pregnant this fall...with multiple doe kids...It's our turn!  Please!!!
     -I actually wrote and submitted an article to an online goat related website!
     -I've got another fun idea for a short story that I need to crank out.
     -My long, thin, straight and stringy hair has started to curl more and more as I've aged.  Totally GROOVY!
     -Both the girls were able to attend a 2-day horse camp in June.  It was extremely affordable and they had a blast!
     -I feel like our homeschool time has gone really well this year.  I am very laid back - in fact, we almost "unschool" - but the girls have flourished and learned and grown by leaps and bounds.

Now the BAD:
     -Um, OK....so I can only think of 2 things.  And I can't really elaborate on either one since they involve personal family details.  Suffice it to say that caring for aging parents can be difficult at times.  And that being the parent of an adult child can also have its unpleasant challenges.

Then there's the UNSETTLING:
      -Girly-Girl starts highschool this year!!!!!!!  That means A. she's growing up! and B. I gotta start keeping more serious and permanent school records!
      -The Best Hubby Ever has his sights set on taking another month long, cross-country camping trip in September.  Wait...September?????  That's less than 4 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!  This is exciting (At least, that's what I keep telling myself...)  And I'm sure it will be fun once we actually get on the road.  However, the planning process stresses me considerably and the thought of being away from all our needy elderly parents concerns me.  But the BHE is right that this seems like the best year to load up and go.  The needy elderly folks are only going to get needier and elderlier.  (Elderlier IS a word, right?) The next two years (possibly three) I plan to be teaching high school sciences, so I'll need to be here in September to start classes .  We also have no goats in milk right now, so their care should be minimal.  Next year I'm hoping and praying for THREE does to kid and be milked.

At any rate, the scramble is on to find someone who can sit with Grampy so Grammy can get out of the house and someone to take GrammaJ out shopping once a week and maybe help her with housework AND someone to back-up Grammy if goat care gets overwhelming for her.

And that's about all for now.  I have a bit of a stomach bug and my energy is flagging fast.  But before I go, let me point you to these hilarious and sweet goat comedy videos.  VERY creative!  In fact, they've inspired us to write out some plot lines for OUR goats!  So please enjoy The Goat.  We sure did!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am praying for the bad and sending huggles!

groovyoldlady said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for the prayers. They are MUCH appreciated! And it's so good to hear from you. I miss seeing you everyday on FB. How are Jack and Sylvia?