17 January 2011

Must. Write. On. Blog.

Hiho. Groovy here.

At least now I'm here. I was there. And there and there and there. We also would have gone there, but we ran out of time.

We got back from the big trip last...um (Groovy gets up to look at the calender) Tuesday night. Yeah, that's it.

I wanted to write about the trip as soon as we got back, but we took a bazillion photos and I can't download (upload?) them onto my computer because my hard drive? She is overloaded with more than 6,000 photos. The photo program is starting to shake her head and screech at me if I even try to look at what's already on there. Kinda makes me scared to try to add more.

And when I try to upload (download?) photos from my 'puter to an online photo developing store, my browser freaks out and shuts down. Not a good sign.

So we ordered an external hard drive to keep out pics and music on. It should be here very, very soon. I will move all our photos over to the new drive and organize them so I can remember what the heck they are pictures of. But until then I shall have to go on without showing you all photographs of our fun and exciting trip.

Instead, I shall give you this highly condensed recap of our trip:
4,500 - the approximate number of miles we traveled ( 7242 kilometers!)

9 - the number of different hotels/motels we stayed in. (We stayed in the one near D.C. for 2 nights.)

1 - the number of motor homes we saw hauling helicopters behind them on trailers. ;-)

Entertainment of Choice? Hours and hours (and hours) of Adventures in Odyssey. We never get tired of them! For variety we also played the alphabet game and did a scavenger hunt that I had printed up prior to the trip. Silly-head also tried to get photos of every state "welcome sign" we passed. Sadly, there wasn't one in Texas...

Items I forgot to pack: Our family devotion book (That was OK, Girly-Girl led us in a Bible study every day in the car instead.), my make-up (Had to buy more before the weddding!), bandaids (Good thing they have them at most hotels), paper plates (we brought alot of our own food), bread that does not crumble (Vacuum time!), laundry soap (Those little one shot dispensers are expensive!), a fanny pack for touristy walk-abouts (This would have effectively prevented the BHE's Washington Monument fiasco...)

Sights and Experiences: Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, Scout's and LittleMiss's (now LittleMRS!) Wedding, href="http://www.thealamo.org/visitors/overview.php">the Alamo, the River Walk in San Antonio, the amazing Aquarium in Dallas, the Hermitage, and, of course, Washington DC where we rode the Metro in to see Ford's Theater, the International Spy Museum, the Washington Monument (yes, we went up...), and the Air & Space Museum (part of the Smithsonian)

Food Fun: (None of these restaurants are located in Maine, so they were a treat for us!)
- Eating gator at Razzoo's
- Incredible BBQ at Rudy's
- Sonic burgers
- Milk shakes at Steak and Shake
- Krispy Kreme donuts! We got them at gas stations both times, but they were fresh and oh-so-heavenly!

- There are no yield signs in Kentucky or Maryland - at least, not on the interstate on-ramps,
- an orange teddy bear riding on the side of a dump truck,
- Charades is (are?) very difficult to play in the car - especially at night,
- Girly-Girl threw up on the night after our DC visit.
- I slept incredibly well every where we stayed (except or the night Girly-Girl was sick)
- We had no car trouble whatsoever on the trip, but the tire went flat the day after got back. =O
- All of us had good attitudes for the entire trip!

And that's about it for now. More on the wedding once I have my photos available! I'll catch you all later!


Susan said...

Sounds wonderful and fun.

Dawn said...

Sounds great! Can't wait to hear and see more - especially about the fanny pack incident!

Dawn said...

I can't believe you don't have Cracker Barrel or Sonic in Maine. I guess Krispy Kremes would be too much competition for Dunkin Donuts, eh?

Lauri said...

Wow those are a pile of kilometres! Sounds like a fun trip and congrats to the new couple!!

Marianne Arkins said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to a more comprehensive run-down and PICTURES!