27 December 2010

Blizzard 2010!!!!!!!

It's snowing like crazy out there right now and the wind is a-whipping. Not everyone is thrilled, but I'm loving it. The BestHubbyEver had to work today, so he went up to Bangor last night and stayed in a hotel at the hospital's expense. And, since the storm has lingered, he'll be staying there tonight as well. I'm SO glad the hospital is so supportive. I'd be a nervous wreck if he had to drive in these white-out conditions!

His brother, Uncle Pickle-Nose, was supposed to drive to Boston today and then fly back home to California. Guess who's still here? Yep. And it looks like he may be here for a couple more days before there are any flights available. That was quite handy today since he could use his manly muscles to help me clear our loooong driveway. He shoveled and scooped and I wrestled with Mr. Snowblower.

But it's been blowing and drfiting like mad out there, so we'll have to start from scratch tomorrow morning before anyone will be going anywhere.

Tha grandkids are all supposed to be coming over tomorrow morning for our Christmas celebration. I'm kind of bummed that the BHE can't be here, but I'll make liberal use of the camera for him and for Scout. Scout and Little Miss sent presents for his kids and I'm sure they'd like pics and videos too. Hopefully the roads and the digging out won't delay our get together too much...

I had planned to use today to start prepping for the BIG road trip of insanity, but I didn't accomplish very much. I did manange to type and print a packing list and to pile all my bills up so I can pay them...tomorrow.

I've been so busy and so stressed that I'm pretty much loving being useless and lazy yesterday and today. Tomorrow I MUST get my groovy butt in gear. Seriously! We're leaving Friday (I think) and I'd really like to have the house clean and GrammaJ all set and everything packed.

Oh, and buy and wrap the wedding gift. I do not want to go without the wedding gift!

Update for Tuesday. So we made it through the storm alright but our plan for Christmas with the grandkids underwent a sudden change. PrettyMom called me quite early in the morning feeling quite ill. She called her doc and he wanted her in the hospital ASAP so I threw the gifts in the car, grabbed 2 mugs of coffee and headed over to her house. Fortunately the driveway was driveway-able and the roads were road-able. I had to go a bit slower than usual, but I got there safely.

All the kids were still sleeping when PrettyMom headed out. Unfortunately, the quiet lasted all of 5 minutes because their little dog Cooper-Pooper raced into the girls' room and leaped onto poor little sleeping Cookie. Within minutes she and Fireball were up and grilling me on where mom was and when could they open all the presents?!?

We waited until Ji-Ji was up and at 'em, then I let them open everything. Scout and LittleMiss had sent them each a stocking. Being oh-so clever, I videotaped the stocking opening fun. Then I switched to regular photos for the rest of the gifts. Alas, my cleverness was thwarted by dead batteries. Apparently the exciting video had been too much for them!

Suffice it to say everyone had oodles of fun and they kept me QUITE busy until PrettyMom called from the hospital for us to pick her up. She still wasn't feeling well, so her mom took her and Ji-Ji out to her house and I took Fireball and Cookie to our house to play with Aunts Girly-Girl and Silly-Head. They played dress-up for a while, then we all went outside to play in the blizzard aftermath. Very groovy!

Now I'm sitting here trying to recover. I am SO. TIRED.

And yet, I have things I need to do. To get ready for the trip, etc.

Remember the trip?


Currently, my house is a mess, most of the Christmas decorations are still up. The bathrooms need attention, there is dust everywhere and the floors are icky. Tomorrow I need to take GrammaJ shopping. She has been woefully neglected these past couple of days...

Happily, the BHE thinks he may be able to get down-staffed tomorrow so he can hang one last day with Uncle Pickle-Nose (I think it's time to come up with a better blog name for him since the kids don't call him that any more). I hope so. We haven't seen him in 2 weeks 2 days!

Don't know if I'll bang out another post before we go or not.

Trying to get psyched for this road trip. Instead, I am just putting off getting ready for it.

Remember the trip?


OK, I'm off to clean the kitchen bar. I know it's under there somewhere...


Dawn said...

Sounds like quite a week you've had so far. I hope you get everything ready for the trip soon - I hope the grandkids' mom is okay.

I also hope you have good weather for your very long trip! And that BHE got home tonight.

Kate said...

I found you from Sans Pantaloons. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!