17 April 2010

You Can Win Awards For Procrastinating? Groovy!!!!!!

Theoretically, I am working on the photos on my computer right now. There are currently (Groovy pauses to double check her numbers) 3, 712 photos and 150 home videos on my poor, lame, tired, overloaded hard drive. I am supposed to be organzing them, sending some off to be printed for GrammaJ and the folks and ourselves and moving them off the 'puter and onto cds where they can live happily without making Mr. iMac whine.

That's what I am supposed to be doing right now. Yep.

Of course, the task is made oh so complicated by the fact that both my girlies have their own cameras. Cameras which they use OFTEN and PROFUSELY. And we all share a computer. So I have to sift through all their photos too. Lucky me.

Back on this post, many of you commented on what wonderful photographers my 8 and 10 year-olds are. What you didn't know what that I hand pick the few great pics they took out of 500 (FIVE HUNDRED!!!!) on our little Boston trip.

Aren't those special? I have a bazillions of pics like that to go through before my project is complete. Worse, it took me TWO DAYS to post those few photos on this blog post because Blogger changed all my editing options. So everytime I upload pics, they'll upload, but only one or two of them actually show up on my blog. So I have to quit and do something else - ya know, like stare at my Facebook home page or play a stupid computer game - then come back and try again. Needless to say, I have not achieved my lofty photo goals yet.

Thus runs the theme of my life: Start a project, get distracted (or thwarted by technical glitches), start more projects, juggle them all in the air, scrub a toilet, drop several of them (projects, not toilets), eat chocolate, start over.

That is totally why I sat for several weeks one day and composed this way-too-fun Squidoo lens. Because the word Procrastination (along with Groovy, of course - and let's not forget Mediocre) pretty much embodies my approach to life.

And for this, I have been the much coveted Squidoo purple star of Groovydom. :-)

Now, I need to get out to those Podunk, Maine stores and score some Groovy deals on writing supplies for the awesome (potentially) basket I am giving next Saturday, April 30 for my BLOGMANIA Post. Make sure you come and enter here to win. Then you can hop all over blogdom and enter to win 2,963 (more or less) other giveaway prizes.

But first, I think I'll watch some funny homeschooling videos on Youtube. Have you seen this one?

I know you'll be shocked, but I actually DID go shopping. I snagged some totally groovy items to giveaway on the 30th!!!! In fact they are SO groovy that I may enter to win my own giveaway! (OK, maybe not - um, about me entering, not about the prizes being groovy.) Photos shall be posted on Monday (unless I get, ya know, distracted or something).


crush. blog said...

woo hoo! looking forward to seeing what you got!!

Dawn said...

Love those little girl pictures! I need to sort and weed out, too, but what a yucky job!

Anonymous said...