10 April 2010

Some Groovy Mania

Guess what? Groovy is diving back into blogging full force. And the best way to do that and draw new readers who will be dazzled by my mediocrity grooviness is...

A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right. I have joined a plethora of other mediocre fabulous bloggers in BLOGMANIA.

Blogmania is a huge, gigantic giveaway bonanza featuring all those terrific blogs you haven't read yet. So set aside a portion of Saturday, April 30 to read blogs and enter contests for prizes, gifts, giveaways and presents.

It's going to be SO FUN!!

What is Groovy giving away, you might ask? Well, this groovy blogger is giving away a "Writer's Basket". It will contain a journal, lovely pen, gel pens, stickers, emory boards, hand lotion, pocket dictionary, chocolate, and any other groovy item I can come up with. Pictures shall be forthcoming over the next week or so keep checking back in.

How can you win? Easy. Enter!

Ahahahahahahaha. I crack myself up.

Seriously, just come back here on April 30 to see what stupid human tricks I may require of you as an entry. Then, go to Blogmania Central to find all the other awesome blogs that are participating. And you can enter all their contests too. And maybe win STUFF!!!


OK...So now Groovy is off to score some deals on high quality basket items for YOU to win! (Right after we trim the goat udders.)


Historical Writer/Editor said...

Hi, I like the groovy blog. :)

Carla Gade said...

That is too groovy, Groovy! Thanks for sharing about the great event! I'll be sure to stop by.

Now you might want to hop over to http://writingtodistraction.blogspot.com for my giveaway for the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party going on right now!

Dawn said...

I will look forward to entering!

Sans Pantaloons said...

Is this "Writer's Basket" with the hand lotion going to be lowered down to me?