09 April 2010

In Which Groovy Drools on Her Keyboard

HiHo My Internutty Friends,

This little voice in the back of my head keeps saying, "Hey Bozo, go write on your blog!" Unfortunately, said voice doesn't tell me what to write. I just get disjointed thoughts of spaghetti sauce and 4-H and Search & Rescue and self-pity and ice cream and sleep and world explorers and coffee (lots!) and OBama and weather and miners and gardening ideas and new sneakers and weight gain and vacation plans and a sudden infatuation with the Tupperware catalog (it's the first one I've seen in years...So you know the drill, "Ooooooo, Aaaaaaaah") and baby goats and pea trellises and worship music and light sabers and spring cleaning and despair over nonexistant physical training (thank you, prednisone and poison ivy) and chickadees and thoroughbred racing and................................

Yep...My brain is a scary place!

I have learned a few things over the past 3 weeks:

- I LOVE staying home. I love, Love, LOVE staying home. I truly loathe all the running and appointments and obligations that are a normal part of my week. Oddly, I thoroughly enjoy some of the destinations - 4-H, the nursing home, my biology class, fellowship with other Believers - but I hate shopping and running errands and taking GrammaJ hither and yon and being AWAY. As lousy as I've been feeling, it's been EASY this past 2 weeks to keep my house clean and tend to my family because I've, ya know, BEEN here and all!

- I am SO glad I don't have a regular job. I really think I'd wither away into insanity if I had a regular job where I worked day in and day out. Blech! Praise God for putting me in a postition where I don't have to work! Woot!

- I hate taking meds. (Though I am thankful they are available and that they, more often than not, work.)

- I have a TREMENDOUS capacity for distraction!

- God is good, ALL the time!

- I have an OBNOXIOUS habit of using capital letters for emphasis. (Note to self: Stop doing THAT!)

- The Newsboys, Audio Adreneline (Dorky video, awesome song!), and Guardian are stellar at lifting me out of a funk.

See...I am dancing now!

And it's contageous...Girly-Girl joins in the de-funking Fun!

OK, dizziness has set in, so now I'm just toe tapping and head bopping and....


Oh, sorry. Just needed a little recovery time from all that excitement.

- I need to keep my posts short until I'm off this prednisone (T-3 days and counting) so that new readers don't mistake me for somone of questionable grooviness.

- I need to not overcommit while I'm on this prednisone. Went to 4-H yesterday and ran several errands. I enjoyed the day, but it wore me out and made me very cranky later in the afternoon and evening. I have afew things to do today while the girls are at a tea party, but we're skipping school and I'm keeping the to-do list very short. I was scheduled for an all day CPR/First Aid class for tomorrow, but I'm bailing out. Maybe we'll just go to EarlyBird's and shave goat udders instead.

Stop laughing. Just because YOU don't trim goat udders...

- OK. That little voice in the back of my brain is talking again. It's saying, "Quit now, Bozo before you say something REALLY stupid." This time I think I'll listen!


Dawna said...

Like you, my little Groovy sister, I LOVE staying home! I am blessed that hubby has a job that allows me to be with my kids and am blessed that hubby and kids do not mind living a simple life so Momma can stay home and teach the kiddos, wipe noses, snuggle in bed and read stories.

Oh and did I mention that I am grateful that I am not a goat. I am not sure I would want my udders shaved... sounds unpleasant. :) Love ya!

Dawn said...

Oh, Groovy - you crack me up. Who else could go on and on about having nothing to say, while saying it so humorously. Love it!

Poor little goat!!

I love being at home, too. I was privileged to for years, but then loved my job for 10 of the 15 years I was there. The other 5 I tolerated. So thankful for retirement, though it is a hoax!

Susan said...

Groovy!! What's wrong with CAPS? I use them all the time, too. They are so nice in the written word for emphasis. How else can you know I REALLY mean something?!!! I'm also into using the --------. No wonder I understand you!!!!! Now get some rest :o)