03 April 2010

A Groovy Post About Whatever Drivel Slips Out of my Oh-So-Nimble Brain

NOTE: I am on drugs and totally not responsible for anything that I type.

No, not that kind of drugs. I am still itching (though not as badly) and I am still on prednisone. Apparently I am some sort of prednisone anomaly. Literally everyone I know I know who has taken this med for anything claims it makes them ravenous and edgy and hyper. Everyone. Even the accompanying literature suggests nervousness, inability to sleep, and an increase in appetite.

Not so, your groovy friend. Prednisone makes me sleeeeeeeeeeepy and slow and depressed and almost completely removes my desire to eat. It makes my knees ache and my legs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each. It turns off my innate gregariousness and makes me hibernate and read, read, read. And when I can't keep my eyes open to read (a real issue when they were almost swollen shut from the allergy reaction) I listen to podcasts. Dozens of podcasts, mostly from Howstuffworks.com.

Currently I am an expert on the origins of many common church worship practices, the history of Seabiscuit (the racehorse, not the sailor nibblet - though I know quite a bit about that too), how microwave ovens work, rollercoasters, 9x13 pans, feedback in contemporary music, and hiccups. Go ahead, ask away...prednisone takes away my desire to interact, but it makes me very smart.

Mulletman and I have been 28 years as of today. We're supposed to go away for a couple of days starting Monday, but somehow I doubt we will. I don't think I'd be a very fun date. As it is, I tried to spruce myself up a wee bit so he and I can go out to lunch today. I put on a bright pink shirt in the hopes it would lift me out of this funk. Or, at least, it will draw attention away from my vacant eyes and splotchy complexion. Mulletman is a tad late getting home because he spent the morning helping a family load up their moving truck. I don't mind at all and told him we'd just be flexible and would go "whenever".

He surprised me this morning with a dozen yellow roses and a sweet card. I cried. I carried daisies and yellow roses down the aisle when we wed all those long years ago. He's such a sweetie!

I thought about bailing out on hosting the family Easter get together, but suddenly I decided we'd just do it no matter what. I've already made a lovely lemon butter cake to serve with strawberries and I made gallons of my awesome spaghetti sauce of incredible goodness. The girls will make salad tonight. All we have to do tomorrow is boil pasta and broil the garlic bread. Easy Peasy.

The pastor asked us if we wanted to do music tomorrow, but I did bail out of that. My voice is OK, but my brain is not so hot!

Let me finish this post by letting you know that I really, truly do pray for you all - my bloggy friends. Most especially that God will open your hearts to know His love and salvation. Happy easter to you all!

Ooooo. The man is home now...Off to lunch! :-D


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 28 years. That is wonderful. Yellow roses are so beautiful. Have a lovely Easter!

Bear said...

Happy Easter Groovy, and congratulations on your anniversary.

Dawn said...

I sure hope you can quit this terrible drugged state soon! Aren't you glad you're not addicted to the really bad stuff??

Happy Anniversary!