09 February 2009

Consolidation and Fire (not here!) and Linky Difficulties

I have been making wondrous use of my time and have consolidated all of the public blogs I regularly visit into one vastly incredible -and not the least bit mediocre - list. I decided to do so on a Squidoo lens because it's easy to load RSS feeds there. That way I can scan down and say "Ooooo, Tubby Bear has helped quenched the fires in Oz." or "Oh my, Busy Mom is...busy!" And I can share the list with all my (that would be 3) Squid fans.

Then I had a brilliant idea. Instead of keeping everyone listed there AND in the sidebar of my blog, I'd just put a sidebar link to my Squidoo lens and call it good. Except I can't. Either Blogger is being gooby OR I deserately need to reinstall my browser because, folks...Safari and Blogger? They ain't liking each other again.


Well, if you want to see who I try to visit regularly (the key word there is "try") you can visit my Squidoo Lens via this post as opposed to clicking all those linkies in my sidebar. Some of those links are defunct and some of those blogs I don't frequent quite as much anymore (no offense to their authors!). Hopefully I'll have things all cleaned up in a matter of years, months, weeks days.

Oh, and by the way, if you see that someone from Squidoo visited your blog...it was probably ME!!!!

And please, DO visit Tubby Bear's blog and pray for Australia. Please pray for Australia!


Susan said...

I have a blog friend in Australia and she posted about those fires before I saw it on the national news!!! It is terrible what those people are going through and to think that some of those fires were set deliberately. Sickening!!
We all need to pray for them.

Lauri said...

I know how much you do that side in terms of education so I've tagged you at my blog. (http://thoughtsfrombotswana.blogspot.com/)

Loz said...

Hi Groovy and thanks for the visit and for the messages of support. We all appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

What a busy girl you have been!

anno said...

Oh my, you are so far advanced with your technological organization! I'm still trying to figure out how best to keep up with everybody. Google Reader has been a boon... and a curse. When I had to physically visit every site, it helped remind me to comment. Now, I often find myself feeling like I've commented, knowing that I've read a post, only to discover later, to my embarrassment, that I've failed to respond.

Bear said...

I just wanted to thank you, Groovy, for your kind words, timely prayers and the link to my sight.

I had quite a few people stopping by.

Even though the conditions have improved, it's not over yet as there are many fires still raging... keep us in your prayers.