07 February 2009

Mercy! It's a Groovy Ramble That Has Nothing to do With ADHD


Groovy Here...Again. Actually, I haven't been here much, have I? It's been a weird 2009 thus far. Not bad, just weird. I seem to be running in 20 different directions and am unable to settle down.

No, I don't have ADHD.

Speaking of which, why do people say "She is ADHD." when they mean "She has ADHD."?

Mulletman and I have been working on music and finally got up the courage to start contacting local restaurants to line up gigs.

OK...so we only called ONE restaurant to try to line up ONE gig and they were noncommital. Cut us some slack, will ya? After all, they almost signed us up when I said we'd sing for FREE. But wait! There's MORE! I also told them we'd do the advertising AND (hold on to your hat...) we'd bring all our fans with us AND we'd convince them all to buy food and a snack.

They're going to call me back. Sometime.


Some of you have sweetly supposed that I've been busy writing on my novel(s). I <3 You! However, all the writing thus far has taken place in my brain and not on my word processor. Nonetheless, I AM going to type actual words today as soon as I finish my taxes. And they're almost done. In fact right now pages of numbers and accounts and earnings and interest and dividends, etc. are scattered all over my table.

Side note: I don't know whether to call it a dining room table or a kitchen table because it's in the extended area of the kitchen.

No, I am NOT ADHD!


I finally found some pants for my two little exceedingly picky little girls; clearance for $3 and/or $5 each. Whoo-Hoo! Of course, I have to take in the waists on all of Girly-Girl's and I have to hem all of Silly-Head's. It is amazing to me how very different my girlies are built. Girly-Girl is tall, slender, graceful and has a Barbie doll waist. Silly-head is plump and snuggly and warm and cozy and shorter and chunkier. They weigh exactly the same, but Silly-Head is almost a head shorter. It makes buying clothes a challenge!

So there's a pile of mending/altering staring at me from the kitchen bar. I'll need to get to that later today...AFTER I write.

By the way, any advice on how to help Silly-Head lose weight without making her feel singled out or self conscious? She really doesn't eat any more than her sister and she's reasonably active. She has developed the GOOD habit of stopping eating when she is full (and we praise her!). I don't deny her sweets, but she doesn't get an overabundance of them either. Most of her snacks are whole fruit or baby carrots or a whole grain bread product. However, at 7 years-old she's chubby enough to have a double chin, plump arms and a jiggly belly. Ideas?

My own weight loss seems to have stalled a bit, but I am clearly gaining muscle and...sad to say, I am bloated too. I know, I know, TMI, But wanna know something groovy? I am thinner while bloated than I was unbloated before the diet! I mean, I'm bloated and I CAN STILL SEE MY FEET!


My daughter-in-law moved into the area last Monday. I had the pleasure of babysitting all day. FireBall and Cookie kept the girls and I VERY busy! It was Groundhog Day, so I planned some activities and crafts. We had a lovely time!

Then Ji-Ji got out of school. He fell asleep on the way here and PrettyMom had to wake him up to bring him in. He tried to play and be a good boy, but he was SO tired. Finally he started getting unusually cranky. He hasn't slept here, so I wasn't how he'd act if I laid him down. I tried the couch, but he popped right back up, so I carried him into my room and laid him on my bed. I put a blanket on him and he grabbed it, turned away from me and said, "OK, OK...Good-Bye! Good-Bye! I LOVE you!" That was his autistic way of saying This is EXACTLY what I wanted. Now go away and let me SLEEP! And sleep he did until Pretty Mom picked him up at bedtime!

When she finally picked the kids up to put them in bed at home, the girls and I mumbled through one chapter of The Borrowers to unwind and went to bed ourselves, exhausted.

Yesterday Ji-Ji turned 4. We get to go see the new apartment tomorrow and celebrate with him.


We interrupt this blog post with this late breaking news:

The taxes have been completed and mailed and the table has been cleared. I also managed to wash the dish that was soaking in the sink, put the clothes in the dryer, and make a cuppa tea.

Thank You.

End of interruption.

No, I am NOT ADHD!!!!!

Dang, the hamster cage. For two weeks now I've been saying, "We need to clean that cage tomorrow!" Tomorrow never seems to come...


Training for the Trek Across Maine is going well. Or, it was. Yesterday we all decided to go sledding. (In Maine it is also called "sliding") I haven't sledded in YEARS. This is mostly due to a bad memory involving a tree root, being airborne, flying glasses and an out-of-body experience. But there were no trees on this particular hill and I was assured by Mulletman and the girlies that it was smooth sailing.

They lied. Too bad there's no video of my stunning face slide up to the wooden and concrete jump ramp. That would be the small man made ramp that was the ONLY obstacle on the entire slope.

My tail bone is now connected to my ribs. I think this will somewhat curtail my workouts until Dr. Bob the chiropractor can untangle my body.


I'm starting to hate Facebook. I really don't get invlved in any of the "fluff" there, but it still sucks up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of my time. Sigh. I need to make a Procrastination Lens totally devoted to FaceBook!


OK...I just interrupted this post AGAIN to put up the donation links for the American Lung Association of Maine. Please donate money ASAP so Mulletman and I can ride in the Trek Across Maine. You can read more about it in my Groovy Trekkers blog. Be prepared; More eloquent pleas for money shall ensue forthwith!


(((((HUGS))))) to my my dear internet friends in Oz. Wait, maybe I should give you ice water instead. And an O2 mask. The fires there look awful and the heat sounds atrocious! I''m praying for you, mates!

I need to find a more efficient way to check up on all your blogs. I've been so hit and miss and I hate that. I LOVE to read all your posts. I miss the newsiness and the silliness and the inspiration and that amazing prose/poetry you all throw out there.

Note to Self: Organize your bloggy stuff, gal!


Uh-oh...screeching girl fight in the basement...

Two apologies. Two hugs. All better.

Seriously, my girls are BEST friends, so they rarely fight at all. Their relationship is amazing!


I love salsa and guacamole.

Yes, I can have it on my diet.



Well, I s'pose that's it for this post - a post which, I'm sure you'll agree - has been a prime example of mediocrity. Now I'm off to write (and sew and read and reorganize).




Susan said...

You are so entertaining!!!! Love it when you post.

Anonymous said...

Re: helping a young one to not become overweight: So very hard in this day and age. If you are eating right, she will follow your example. Make sure she is active, even if you have to exercise with her. Winter here can be very sedentary even for little ones. She may out grow it,too...one of mine did.

groovyoldlady said...

Aw Susan, You're sweet!

EmpressB, Thanks for the input. I recall your formerly chubby one. I also recall the G-non's having one daughter who was a bit "fluffy" and they both outgrew the weight. I read a few websites and it seems we're doing everything right. I just worry about her health!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of your Aussie mates. I am in a state unaffected by the fires but Victoria is in crisis. I read today that the police caught someone relighting a fire the rescue service had spent 14 hours fighting. I cannot fathom why someone would do that.

I am really excited about your possible gigs. I hope you get one soon.

A very entertaining (and busy) post!

Keetha Broyles said...

I thought I left a comment on here yesterday that said "Groovy, you always make me smile." It isn't here - - - oh well, more senility on my part.

Hey, I just noticed I had a visitor to my blog from some squidoo thingamabobby - - - didn't know what that was, so clicked on it to see what's up with that - - - - and it was a list of blogs that you made. Oh Wow - - - thanks for giving me the shout out!!!!

Tammy said...

Oh, I feel AHAD just reading your post, Groovy! ;)

And by the way, I am bloated too...just thought I'd share...

Seriously, it was good to catch up with you all. And did your husband really write you that poem in the post below? What a sweetie! :)

Dawn said...

YOu just crack me up! No, you're not ADHD, nor do you HAVE ADHD. Maybe!

I as going to comment on something, but can't remember what it was - I need to go back and jump around to see what it was!

Oh, yah - I LOVE the Borrowers!

anno said...

Not ADHD at all. Very productive, though: great things happening in your life!

I am so with you on Facebook. Not that I find myself spending much time there. For nerdy introverts like me, it's just terrifying; reminds me of every raucous party I ever walked out of in college.

That's wonderful news about PrettyMom and the grandkids living nearby -- sounds like you are enjoying every moment!

Damselfly said...

I hope you get the restaurant gig!

Reading about your hamster cage brings that needing-to-be-cleaned smell right back in mind. And I haven't had a hamster in years and years. Thanks.