13 January 2009

Wow...Have I Ever Been an Absent Blogger!

What is wrong with me, folks?

Usually the ideas are flowing so fast that I barely have time to type them before they overwhelm me. Lately? Nothing. "Tis very weird!

I haven't really been myself since Christmas. 2 unexpected deaths in church families we love, a hip injury, peri-menopause "complications" (ie. AGAIN???? Some of you more mature gals know what I'm saying here...), a stubborn digestive virus, and so on and so forth. And right now our own computer is in the shop; I am using my in-laws' Macintosh.

I am quite thankful to have a computer to use, but I miss MY baby. You know, the one with all my writing, the one with my addresses, the one with all Mulletman's iTunes, the one with all my faves, the one where I don't have to sign-in anywhere because they all know who I am?

But we had to have it tweaked. Our Mac is three years old and our extended warranty expires later this month. Anything out of the norm needs to be fixed NOW. Fortunately, the disc drive started going wonky before the deadline, so we can get it fixed for free. That is truly a blessing!

The folks' computer is exactly the same as ours; They bought theirs a few weeks after we bought ours. However, there is one HUGE difference. Theirs is like 10 times faster! I assume this is because they rarely use theirs and have nothing stored therein except for a few family photos. Ours has a billion documents and ebooks and photos and iTunes and addresses and other important fluff stuff.

I wonder what I have to do to speed ours up. More importantly, I wonder how I can achieve that lofty goal for FREE? Any ideas?

In other news, my diet took a severe beating during the holidays, but I still maintained a 2 pound weight loss. You can read the gory details HERE in the two latest entries. I really need to post an update, but the link to my "new post" page is guess where? Right...on MY computer, in the shop.

The aforementioned tummy bug has been a blessing in disguise. It has forced me to cut waaaaay back on my eating and I've lost another 2 pounds. Top that with thoughts of the Trek Across Maine coming up in six months and I am DETERMINED to lose the rest of this weight.

Hold on a minute. What do you mean you don't know what the Trek is? Sheesh, you must be new here! Check out that Trek link above and then read about my experiences last year on my Groovy Trekkers blog or catch the highlights on my Squidoo Lens.

Too lazy to do all that reading? Lemme sum it up for you: 180 miles in three days on bicycles across the hills of Maine to raise money for the American Lung Association. And yes, my asthmatic self will soon begin pestering you to donate to the ALA!! (Start saving up now. Mulletman and I must raise $500+ each in order to ride!)

So why is losing the weight so important to me? Well, I am a cyclist. I trained HARD last year, yet had a really tough time with the actual 3 day ride. A month before last year's Trek we bought me a new, lighter bike. It helped tremendously! But I still struggled with endurance. Obviously I need to do some things differently this year. So I am making some changes.

1. I will lose 15 pounds of fat. Every little decrease in weight eases the ride! (I will also be building muscle...)

2. I will be faithfully incorporating "fartleks" into my aerobic training. (Oh for Heaven's sake - stop giggling and go look it up!)

3. I will be lifting weights on a regular basis.

4. I will be cross training until bike season arrives!

5. I will be walking/running on the treadmill on any day that the weather prohibits riding.

Whew...I'm tired just looking at my list! But I only have 6 months to get ready. I'm gonna DO it this time!


In other news, my daughter-in-law and precious grandkids are moving MUCH closer to us. Now we'll get to see them much more often. Woot!


Even with all the difficulties since Christmas I am not experiencing the depression I felt last year. Three cheers for the grace of God and for my awesome therapy light!


I've been approached to ghostwrite an inspirational memoir for a lady who has been through the mill and lived to tell about it. I know her story and feel honored to even be considered as her helper/writer/editor.


As soon as I get my 'puter back want get back to building high quality Squidoo lenses, writing a guest post for Kailani, finishing up my songs, and working on my YA novels.

In other words, it's time to buckle down and focus on my writing!


And now, my friends, it is time for me to go. This is my last, lazy oh-my-tummy hurts-so-I-have-an-excuse-to-ignore-my-house-and-my-workouts day. I need to finish big by finding some fun Valentine's day songs for our 4-Hers to sing. Now, where'd I leave my autoharp?


Keetha Broyles said...

Always good to "read" from you, no matter when you can squeeze us in!!!

Susan said...

Glad to see you back. Had been concerned about you with the news of the two deaths. Boy, all I'm trying to do is lose some pounds and walk 1/2 an hour a day!!!! 'Course I've got mega years on you!!!! Now don't tell me about the 80 year olds that bike :o)

Tammy said...

You know, that tummy bug thing is what caused me to actually lose weight the week of Christmas rather than gain...it was amazing! But the tummy bug diet does have it's negative points, doesn't it? ;)
Hope you're feeling better by now!

Anonymous said...

My poor Groovy friend. Here comes a big old cyber huggle for you guys.

Superwoman said...

so, how is fartleks different than interval training? And good luck! That is quite a list of physical activity.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all the writing. Hope that tummy feels better soon.

Carole Burant said...

Memo to self...must go look up what fartlek means before I leg my imagination take over!! hehe I sympathize with you, not having your own computer back from the shop yet, hopefully it will be ready SOON! Sounds like you've had a lot of stuff going on and good for you for maintaining that weight loss and being so determined. Pass me some of that willpower, will ya??? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Reading your list makes me tired. And I know that you will succeed and that you will continue to write songs for the 4-H ers and that you will feed everyone at church who's sick and visit the poor and do some great cake decorating and write three or four novels all while getting fit and a flat stomach. So why do I like you?

Because you're so awesomely Groovy that I want to cheer you on -- and then follow you success.

Glad you're feeling better. Take care of you.

Dawn said...

Well, it's good to see you back - and you definitely have good reasons, not excuses, for being away. Your list for the future is daunting. Best wishes!!

anno said...

Groovy, that is a LOT of news. Just trying to figure out where to start would keep me from writing for weeks. That is excellent news about your daughter-in-law & grandkids moving closer to you, also about the ghostwriting & the grams (the many, many grams!) you have lost. The tummy bug, um, not so good, but I hope you are soon recovered, with a high-performance Mac at your fingertips.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're experiencing the so-called writer's block. Well, that is normal for us writers. You have all the reasons for not being able to write. I am busy with my latest research papers and trust me, I find it hard to write. I'm still figuring out why...hmmm. Goodluck to you!