07 January 2009

A Poem Por Moi

Hey Look! Sweet ole Tubby Bear wrote a poem about me!

There is a young lady so funny
And thankfully no Playboy Bunny
I realise the rhyme should be honey
But for this I’m paid no money

She’s known as a lady of groove
Oft knows not how to behoove
Inappropriate laughter doth move
We around her with hearts full of loove

She pops up from somewhere down south
Rarely closing that wonderful mouth
She’d have another rhyme for outh
Whilst working for Him in His houth

I love this lady so groovy
Her story would make a good movie
In comments she always will move me
This sweet old lady groovy

I'll now end this ridiculous rhyme
To tell you of someone sublime
With whom I am blessed for all time
That Groovy old friend of mine



Susan said...


notcon4med said...

Ok, so from what part of the world does this Tubby Bear refer to you as "popping up from somewhere down south"?

groovyoldlady said...

NC4: I think he's just a desperate poet looking for a rhyme. Last time I checked, Maine was still waaaaaaaay nawth of Australia. However, it wouldn't surprise if it's some Aussie figure of speech. It also wouldn't surprise me if he was just confused!

(Ah, to know TBear is to love him.)

Dawn said...

That is just too funny!

Unknown said...

Loved this! What an honor! I especially loveth the words "houth" and "outh"!
I trust your new year is going well! Blessings!

Ms. Kathleen said...

That is awesome...The perfect kind of gift! And it is just so perfectly YOU! Hugs!

anno said...

To tell you of someone sublime/With whom I am blessed for all time/That Groovy old friend of mine