23 January 2009


Hiho My Internutty Friends!

Groovy here. Who else would it be? I mean, Funsocksgirl is the only other person in the entire world who knows my password and that's only so she can post and let you know if I die. I haven't died yet, so that rules her out and means that I am Groovy - which we all already knew.

Glad we cleared that up!

My iMac came home for a whole week and is now back in the shop. I think the surgeons there left a probe in there or something. I dunno if you know iMacs, but they're typically very quiet machines. VERY QUIET! I am typing on my in-law's computer again right now and all I can hear is typing (and the furnace and the girls playing and an occaisonal car going down the street). The computer is absolutely SILENT.

Our computer which, as you will recall is EXACTLY like this one - same model, same year, bought within a week of each each other - was also silent until we got it back from the shop. Then we spent a week with it sounding like a jetliner ready to blast off. Apparently they took it upon themselves to install a fan. A noisy fan. An obnoxious, blood-pressure raising, schwoosing fan that wreaked havoc on my usual good nature.

It made Groovy very cranky!

Not only that, but the new drive they installed wouldn't read my photo discs. I put in a disc of Funsocksgirls' wedding and it told me it was a blank, burnable disc! That, my friends, is unforgivable. So back to the shop we went with orders to get rid of that stupid, irritating, unnecessary fan and to install a drive that actually WORKS. They called me a few hours ago to say it was done. Unfortunately the shop is way far away in Augusta (or, as Mainers say, "Auguster") and I had company today. Even more unfortunate is the fact that they are closed on the weekend so there's no chance of getting it back 'til Monday.


Oh well, if this is as bad as my "trials" get, then I am seriously a blessed person, eh?

In other news: The diet is working and I am disappearing fat cell by fat cell. :-D Only 10 pounds to go! Today I made the YUMMIEST snack for myself!

Groovy's Yummy Flat-Belly Snack

1 cup frozen raspberries (unsweetened)
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/4 cup real semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tsp Splenda

It. was. unbelievably. GOOD.

Oh...and anybody want my fat jeans? BECAUSE I'M GETTING RID OF THEM!!!!



Susan said...

I'm proud of you getting rid of your fat cells. I'm not!!!

anno said...

Mmmmm, that raspberry-chocolate chip snack sounds terrific! Hope you get your own very quiet computer back very, very soon!

Dawn said...

Pictures, please!! The snack - do you just mix it all together and eat it with a spoon?

I laughed when you talked about Funsockgirl being able to, let us know if you die? Kristen will be able to do that, too, since she set me up originally.

Computer problems - hate 'em! My young computer guru completely redid the guts of mine recently when it began doing very strange things. Now it jumps all over the place while I'm typing - incredibly annoying!

Damselfly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your continued computer troubles. My husband likes to call ours not a computer but a complicator.

I am so excited about your weight loss! Here I am gaining weight and you are losing it!

So do you whir that stuff in the blender or just mix with a spoon?

Lauri said...

Groovy congrats on your disappearing act! BTW what is Splenda? That dessert sounds very undiet like- I must see if I can make it.

Tammy said...

Gotta love it when those fat cells go bye bye! :)

And we kind of had the same theme today, didn't we? Yep, we are blessed!

(And I replied to my post just now...I actually DID get to go out with my hubby tonight for my birthday!!!)

Dawn said...

It is true that mountains that jut up from sea level do look very high!

Dawn said...

Me again - how big are the fat jeans??