30 January 2009

Join With Me Now, "Awwwwwwwww"

I woke up this morning and stumbled into the bathroom to find a neon green sticky note on the mirror. It said:

Good morning my love,

This morning as I kissed you on the head,
I thought of you as you laid there in bed
You are so lovely and sweet,
And there is no one else I'd rather greet


Now ain't that sweeeeet?! *sniffle*

Mulletman and I have indeed decided to sign up for this year's 180 mile Trek Across Maine cycling event. Consequently, I spent HOURS this morning online updating my Groovy Trekkers blog and my Trek Across Maine Squidoo Page. Please humor me by going to visit both of them!

(Warning: The begging for money will ensue as soon as I get the donation links up in my sidebar here, so SAVE UP YOUR POCKET CHANGE!)

I am considering changing Girly-Girl's name to Contrary-Girl. She is at that exasperating stage of "maturity" that makes us occasionally consider permanent relocation of said child. (Hey Funsocksgirl, You want I should send you a long term houseguest????)

I say "black", she says "white". I say "yes" she says "no". Please observe her subtle non-logic:

GroovyMom: (In an uncharacteristically quiet voice) Hey Sweetie! It's time to get up!

ContraryGirl: (uncharacteristically glaring) I've been awake for hours. I didn't sleep ALL NIGHT!

GroovyMom: Oh...I'm sorry you had a tough night.

ContraryGirl: It wasn't tough!

GroovyMom: But you said you didn't sleep well.

ContraryGirl: I slept FINE!

um OK...Let's fast-forward to breakfast time

ContraryGirl: What's for breakfast?

GroovyMom: How about some apple oatmeal?

ContraryGirl: I want an English Muffin!

GroovyMom: (with raised brows) "May I please have an English Muffin instead?"

ContraryGirl: (mumbling) May I please have an English Muffin instead?

GroovyMom: Well, if you want to fix it yourself, you could have that and a banana.

ContraryGirl: I hate bananas!

GroovyMom: You ate a banana on your Cheerios yesterday...I didn't hear you complaining then.

ContraryGirl: I only like bananas in smoothies.

GroovyMom: So that was a Cheerio smoothie?

ContraryGirl: (glares)

Later in the day:

GroovyMom: Girly-Girl, I need you to go up and play piano now.

ContraryGirl: I hate piano!

GroovyMom: Oh you do, do you? Is that why you spend 45 minutes up in the music room every day practicing, composing (she really does compose), singing, and asking Silly-Head to come up and hear what you're learning?

ContraryGirl: (glares)


Of course, that's not her only face. When I specifically point out she's being rude and contrary, she's usually very contrite - genuinely so. She can be helpful and thoughtful and sweet and funny, but some days - oh mercy -she's a real buggar!


Prevention Magazine as selected me as a Flat Belly Diet success story. :-D You can see how far I've come on my Prevention Buzz Blog. Only 10 pounds to go! Woot!

Well, it's time for taxes. I've been doing ours ever since day 1 and usually we have our return before most other folks have filed. I'll need to do that this week. Although Mulletman keeps meaning to redo his W-4, he keeps forgetting. Consequently, we always, ALWAYS get a substantial tax return. This year it's a good thing because we have some large expenses coming up in the way of home maintenance. We have to paint/stain the entire exterior and we need to finally give in and buy a whole house purifier. Yep, the ole arsenic and sulfer are starting to get to us!

I never really did any writing in January, even though I had planned on a lofty 50,000 words. However, I am intending to keep plugging away at my YA novels with 500 words per day in February. It should be easy what with the murder and all...


Susan said...

Great job on your diet. I know you must be so very proud.

Keetha Broyles said...

Does Mulletman give hubby lessons??? I have someone I'd like to enroll in those classes!!!!


Bluegrass Mama said...


All set on Mulletman.

As for Girly-girl, I am the mother of a 14 year old girl, and am laughing my head off at how tame these exchanges were!

Dawn said...

How old is Contrary-Girl? It is sad when they change from adorable to deplorable, isn't it??

Congrats on your flat belly! I must investigate this plan more closely.

Lauri said...

Congrats on your belly success and fantastic choice in men.

As for pre-teens and teens, you will get no sympathy here. I have two of them and believe wholeheartedly in that lovely adage- misery loves company. Jump on in!

Diane Viere said...

Now, let me just review for a moment....

Your husband leaves you wonderful love notes in the morning??? AND--he paints?????

You are not ruffled by your Ms. Contrary?????

You are losing weight successfully???

AND, you ALWAYS get substantial tax returns????

.....remind me again WHY I like you???? Must be the upcoming murder scene that keeps drawing me back to our blogging friendship!



I'm so happy for you on every level! I love your perseverance. I love your humor! I love your willingness to be authentic.

You inspire!

You motivate!

You ROCK Groovy!


Ms. Kathleen said...

Biking across Maine... I am SUPER IMPRESSED.

One friend told me that aliens took her girls when they hit 13 or 14 and brought them back when they were 21. I have often wondered. I think they do take boys too....

My baby is 17 1/2 -- and the gray hair is coming through...lol!

Damselfly said...

Weight loss success, writing novels (plural!), a man who is crazy about you ... you've got it made!

Dawn said...

So you must be writing away on your novel - have a great week-end~