15 July 2008

In Vich Groovy (of de berrry bad VBS accent) hass De Oatmeal Giffavay

If you comment on dis post, Groovy vill enter you in da Giffavay for de 3 gallons uf leftober prepared oatmeal from VBS. It is good for de body. Jah? Uf course Jah!

Mmmmmmm. And it iss so tasty too!

Tomorrow's lesson in VBS is on how Jesus giffs us courage. You vill NEED courage for dis giffavay, especially since Groovy vants you to pay de postage!

Jah? Uf course jah!

Vell, OK, you can comment vidout entering the drawing...but you must tell Groovy vhy you are not vanting all dis yummy oatmeal!


Susan said...

You are such a joy!!!

notcon4med said...

You are such a weirdo! : D

Sushiboy said...

:) funny, (and weird) but more funny than weird, Jah.

Karen said...

mmmm, oatmeal... you could always make some meatless patties from it.

Uh, no, I don't want yours because by the time it would arrive at my door, it would be compost, and I have enough of that already.


I promise.

But, thanks anyway.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the offer! I'll pass. Your VBS sounds fascinating! I need to be hit over the head to make me offer to help - I know I should!

anno said...

Treee gallohns?!?? Yikes! Mebbe needz raysins? Br-r-r-r-raun shoo-GAR?

Superwoman said...

EWWWWW, that is all, please don't enter me in the drawing!!! I can choke down about 1/2 C. when it's fresh

Corn Dog said...

OKAY GROOVY! STOP! I officially sprayed Diet Coke out my nose all over my MAC laughing. You are naughty. VERY VERY NAUGHTY, but very funny.