14 July 2008

Several Very Short Observations Before Groovy Makes 125 Blindfolds

Hiho. Groovy here. Busy week with VBS involving LOTS of facial glitter, some seriously bad hair, foggy safety goggles, and a horrid fake accent that ranges from German/Russian to Jewish/Irish.

When Groovy teaches Bible she likes to keep your attention!

Today's VBS was so unpredictable that it required repeated applications of my life motto, "Semper Gumby!"

In case your Latin education was cut short by American Idol reruns, Semper Gumby means "Always Flexible".

My Bible assistants and I decided that VBS is a wonderful tool for preventing alzheimers because you have to revamp and do things totally differently for each group that rotates through. Thinking on your feet! Brain work galore! New synapses all over the place! Although I may haf a berry strange accent by da time I get olt!

To their credit, people at the Post Office and The Mart neither stared at nor laughed at me unless I made a joke (several jokes at the Mart. Is today a holiday? There were queues to get into the lines for even the self-checkout there!) I guess the hair and glitter just fit my groovy persona!

Saw 2 good Samaritans today (even though I'm pretty sure they weren't from Samaria): One guy saw a wayward trashcan rolling about and threatening the passing cars. He grabbed it up and anchored it, so it wouldn't cause an accident. And, in the Mart itself, a lady with many groceries - who'd already been waiting in line for a good 20 minutes (no, I'm NOT exaggerating) - let a little old man with only 2 items go ahead of her to the cashier.

Ok...the girlies want to play on the 'puter and I haffing much to do what wid all de blindfolds to make and the GALLONS of oatmeal to prepare. Groovy vishes you all a berry vonderful day! Jah? Of course, Jah!


Marianne Arkins said...

I <3 Gumby.

Good for your good deed doers... it's nice to know not everyone is cranky all the time!

Jah? Of course Jah.


Anonymous said...

It's inspiring to see people do good. *sigh* Warms my heart every time.

notcon4med said...

Gallons of oatmeal?