02 February 2008

When Ya TRY to Be Funny...

...ya can't do it. At least I can't.

I am working on an essay for a humor contest. I came up with a great topic, a TERRIFIC topic. When I tell the stories to others with wry face and wild gesticulations there is laughter. But is it funny as an essay? Nope. It doesn't even evoke a chuckle.

Don't get me wrong, it's not necessarily bad writing, it's just not funny. I need funny.

funny, Funny, FUNNY! Has anyone seen my sense of humor?

Maybe I'll can topic A and move on to topic B.

Except I haven't got a topic B.

Any suggestions?



Perhaps I need go no farther than my own offspring to find funny:

We were busy making valentines and the discussion turned to different types of love.

GroovyMom: The Greeks had 3 different words for love. Phileo, Eros, and Agape. Can you remember what phileo means?

Silly-Head: William Penn!

GroovyMom: Um...You're on the right track. What city in Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn?

Both Girls Philadelphia!

GroovyMom: Right! Do you remember what Philadelphia means?

Girly-Girl (proudly) City of Brotherly Love!

GroovyMom: Yep. Phileo means brotherly love. It's the way you love your brother or your sisters or your good friends. It's a warm and happy kind of love.

Next there's Eros. That's the smoochy kissy kind of love between a husband and a wife. (Groovy does not dwell on this type of love due to the tenderness of her students' years.)

And last of all there is Agape love. That is God's unconditional love for us even when we are unlovable. That's how He wants us to love others and tell them about Him.

A quiet, comfortable interlude ensues where everyone is happily cutting and pasting. Then, suddenly Girly-Girl looks up. Apparently she has been thinking...

Girly-Girl Yeah, but you and Dad sure do like that Eros love!



Dawn said...

Too cute! They figured it out for sure.

You're hilarious, but I imagine being funny on demand is a bit of a challenge.

Kate is home! Come on over and see the festivities.

Matt said...

Stopping by after seeing your "audition." I enjoyed it.

Marianne Arkins said...


My DD says, "Ugh. Kissing. AGAIN."

anno said...

They're onto you!

What's not working with the essay? Want a reader?

Anonymous said...

Oy vay! They don't miss anything, do they?

I'm visiting you from the casting call. Good luck!

funsocksgirl said...


Susan said...

Thank goodness!!!

seejenngo said...

What's your topic? What's your TOPIC?!? I've got to know...

groovyoldlady said...

Jenn, my dear.

I can choose any topic, but I landed on ""Fame in a Small Town". It highlights how folk that I've never seen before in my life EVER can know my name and my kids names and my husband's name and ALL about us because I am "that girl that that sings." I have been pawed, awed, and gushed over. I have been embarassed and been expected to sing on command in the aisle of a restaurant. We've had people move into our booth and join us because they wanted spiritual counsel from the "drummer guy".

It's crazy and I thought it would be funny, but my spin is all wrong.

SO, Selma and Jenn can both have a peek sometime on Monday and give me much needed advice.

I LOVE you ladies!