04 February 2008

To Do...

Well, I already had my coffee, basked in my light and spent time with the Lord. Next on the agenda is to:

1. Send my Writer's Weekly Valentines. My fellow writers are not my "one and onlies" nor my "sweethearts" (or "sweathearts", as my husband would write), but they keep me motivated and I DO love 'em!

2. Call a dozen furniture stores to see if they have affordable-swivel-rocker-recliners-in-neutral-colors-with-big-squishy-arm-rests (please say that as all one word: my mom does!) for my mom. She has a phone and a phone book, so why am I doing this? Can anyone say "Co-dependency"?

3. Call Funsocksgirl to see how her very unusual Super Bowl celebration went _ She sent me an email update, so I'm good here.

4. Call Special K to wih her a happy birthday and promise her lunch out later this month

5. Mail Special K's card

6. Launder MUCH clothing

7. School time with the girlies. I have planned a riveting lesson on Maryland and Delware.

8. Revise my essay and send it to Selma and Jenn. To Selma because she is a writer extraordinaire, to Jenn because she is hilarious!

9. Add some money to our Trek Across Maine funds. You will all be hearing about this VERY soon. In fact, you will hear about it so much that you may start avoiding me. Curious? Then you can get a headstart by perusing my Groovy Trekkers blog.

10. Write and submit my latest LASR review and request a new book.

11. Shrink some pics for the girlies lockets.

12. Eat leftover apple pie (someone has to do it) >

13. Finish the Sunday Crossword puzzle before my brain explodes I gave up on this one. They need to make newspaper crosswords for the culturally impaired...

14. Call my friend M to find out why she and her hubby looked SO glum at church yesterday

15. Workout. Today is aerobics and lower body weight lifting Done. Note to self: Getting lost in worship is a wonderful thing; Getting lost in worship on a treadmill is potential suicide.

16. Take a long hot bath and reeeeeeaaaaaaad. (I justify this as "muscle recovery" after my workout!)

17. Fix food for little people

18. Make a grocery list

19. Harass any and all Patriot's fans

20. Make some pasta so Mulletman has something yummy to take to work for lunch tomorrow. I don't have to do this because the weather is s'posed to turn ugly tonight so he's staying in a hotel tonight. (the hospital pays for him to do that. Cool, eh?)

21. Kill that darn fly in the window.

22. >Procrastinate


notcon4med said...

I, for one, am glad to see you took care of that darn fly. That would have been #1 on my list! Even procrastination would not have come first.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Glad that darn fly is no more! And how awesome of you to make sure that piece of apple pie was quickly saved from loneliness! LOL! huggles!

Angry said...

Mrs. A had me search high and low at 1:30am once for a darn fly that wouldn’t die. I climbed back into bed telling her I couldn’t find it but I’m sure it will be dead and silent soon. She looked at me saying “I can’t stand a noise that’s just barely audible, and I really want you to make it go away.” I leant up on my elbow, her look was melting my heart, I leant towards her and as my face hovered so close to hers, I TURNED ON THE RADIO... “There, now you can’t hear that darn fly!”

Carole Burant said...

Well I'm sure glad you ate that last piece of apple pie...that would have bothered me no end if you hadn't done that! lol That was quite the TO DO list...what about the HONEY DO list, did you make MM one??? I'm still giggling at your previous post...out of the mouth of babes! hehe xox