01 February 2008

Breakfast at Huckabee's

You said you've got nothing in common
With the candidates to choose from
And you're losing heart
You'll say the Big Three don't do it for you
Their negative ads bore you
And you just might stay home

So I said, "What about voting for Huckabee?"
She said, "I think I remember that man,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked him."
And I said, "Well, he's the best hope we've got."

You see he's the only one who's for them
Faith, Family and Freedom
In the right order
So what now? It seems he's the best for us
He's even got Chuck Norris
Telling us how it's gonna be

(When the eyes of the ranger fall upon you
You better like Mike)

So I said, "What about voting for Huckabee?"
She said, "I think I remember that man,
And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked him."
And I said, "Well, he's the best hope we've got."


Karen Putz said...

LOL, that's funny-- thanks for including the lyrics so I could follow along. Who are those guys?

notcon4med said...

Well, if "likeability" was an essential qualification for being president, I might be convinced. It would at least get me to reject Mitt. He alternately angers me and creeps me out...and it has nothing to do with his being a Mormon (unlike what Mike would tell us is the reason for rejecting him...). But, I'm afraid I need more than a nice Christian guy to earn my confidence (though I admit the field is not all that appealing, making the choice a matter of elimination). If his being a Christian was my criterion, I would be a bit alarmed by his ties to Kenneth Copeland. If I was voting to put a Christian in the white house, that is surely not the type of "Christian" I would want. But since neither are involved in deciding my vote, I will just allow that I'm going to pass on the nice, but confused Christian candidate as not having, in my opinion, showed himself to be the best choice to lead our country. (This opinion is approved of by me) ; )

groovyoldlady said...

Karen: they are 2 ardent and talented Huckabites. Can't recall their names, but they are ID'd on the YOuTube site.

NCF: I approve of you having strong opinions!

notcon4med said...

As someone with candidate icons and support links, I guess you'd have to, huh?

I just wish I had a candidate to have strong opinions for! I'll just have to be content supporting the lesser of so many unacceptable candidates!

In the end, though, whoever he (or she!) is, he (or she!!!) will be not fail to be a ruler established by God, for our good.

I'm sure glad that our hope and confidence is in knowing "that The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone He wishes."

Are you with me?

Carole Burant said...

Me and politicians don't mix! lol I wish you and your fellow Americans the very best of luck in choosing a new President!! xox

groovyoldlady said...

Romans 13:1 "...For there is no authority except from God. and those which exist are established by God."

I stand behind Huckabee because of his moral values.

I know nothing about international affairs and little about economics. I don't have the smarts to know the best way to deal with immigration, or the health care "crisis" or the war in Iraq.

What I DO know, is God's revealed will about the sanctity of life and about marriage between one man and one woman as His plan for humanity because it is a picture of His realtionship with His bride, the Church.

So I select my candidates based on their moral stands and trust that if they DO make it into office that God will give them the wisdom to deal with all the other stuff.

However, I will not live and die for Huckabee's or any other campaign. My hope is in God, not in a politician (no matter how much fun his name is to say).

And if the American people choose someone else, then I venture to say that we, as a country, will reap the consequences of that decision.

Either way, God is good and God is in control! Even if/when He is disciplining us for allowing evil to run rampant.

notcon4med said...

I'm not looking to debate you about your choice, but if you don't mind, will you help me not misunderstand what you just said. It seems to me that you are, if not saying directly, at least implying that: Mike is God's man and God will make him a good president because he's a Christian. Anyone else is going to be the reason for judgement (?) because God is only prepared to act in favor of countries with Christian leaders. It may be that I'm just sensing a judgement sort of vibe from the phrase "reap the consequences of that decision.
Is that anything like what you meant?

groovyoldlady said...

Ah, sorry NCF (and fellow readers) I did state that poorly. certainly Huckabee is not necessarily "God's man" for the hour. When I mentioned folks reaping the consequences I was thinking of several different candidates who clearly stand against a Biblical view of morality. To consciously vote for such a person is to invite trouble. I did not mean to infer that such would be the case if you voted for someone other than Huckabee or, necessarily that that would be the case if one voted for the "least evil" of those running - a dilemma Mainers face at every senate race!

Rita Loca said...

A great and fun song!

Anonymous said...

If you go to Huckabee's site, he lists his stand on everything and he looks like he's on the right track (except I wish all Republicans weren't pro-gun. My town has just passed a law that people can carry hidden weapons - which upsets me). I didn't know he has a connection with Kenneth Copeland.
Regardless, I'm afraid we won't have him as final candidate. What happened after Iowa?