15 December 2007

Money! I Made MONEY!

Merciful Heavens.

I went to my Squidoo Lensmaster Page to just see how my lenses were doing and I made money.

No, no, no...you don't understand; I MADE MONEY!

I made more money in this one month than I've made in a year and a half.

Ok, ok. It's still not enough to, you know, buy a goat or anything. But it IS enough to buy a nice meal out, or get a Christmas gift for a friend, or mail a whole slew of letters, or get my hair cut.

And all for virtually NO work.


I Squidoo, Do YOU?


Anonymous said...

I don't Squidoo, I never heard about it, but I'm all about earning enough money to almost buy a goat. Tell us more! (I'm going to search your blog, in case you already have.)

Anne at lifepundit.net

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Groovy!