10 July 2007


Here it is. Hussey's General Store - the largest general store in Maine. It was right there in Windsor near the fairgrounds. They say you can buy absolutely anything there!

And How are the Groovies?

Mulletman: Great. No problems and he's full of vim and vinegar, especially after the pain meds kick in.

Silly-Head: Bad. Throwing up all night long, sleeping all day. Poor little cupcake!

Girly-Girl: Bored. Doing school with Mom, Coloring and playing board games with Dad.

Groovy: VERY tired (and still giggling overJenn with 2 Ns comments on my last entry).

By the way, Jenn. You are asterisked because you are SO VERY special to me. Well no, not really. I mean, YES, you're special to me, but that's not why you're asterisked. You are asterisked because I can NOT get an RSS feed on your blog for my Squidoo Lens. The asterisks say to me, "Hey Bozo, go check Jenn's blog!".


seejenngo said...

* Your entry tags/labels rock.
* "You are asterisked because I can get an RSS feed on your blog" - I don't know what this means. Or, I sort of do, but not really. Not without guessing at some of it.
* When the Sillyhead is better, bring them over and play Pollys with us!
* I actually do need to find out what you think about Math-U-See. I'm still casting about for The Math Curriculum That We Shall Embrace For All Time. In past years, we've auditioned Singapore, Saxon, Developmental and MCP. Any suggestions?
* I miss you!

groovyoldlady said...

Did I say CAN get an RSS feed? Ooops. I mean I CAN'T!

I LOVE Mathusee. But Bob Jones was good too in the upper levels. I never tried it for the basics.

I miss you too. Let's have a jammie party...WITHOUT men and kids. What say you?

Carole Burant said...

Well I'm glad that Mulletman is already feeling better...pain meds are SO good, aren't they! hehe Awww poor little Silly-Head, not fun being sick with the flu in the summer time...or anytime! Hope the Groovy family is 100% real soon:-) xox

Anonymous said...

I like all the signs. 4 12packs for 10 bucks. That's a pretty smoking deal. A 12 pack costs me about 4 dollars as it is!

Dawna said...

YAY... so glad that someone else has recognized Hussey General Hardware Store. I bought my wedding dress there... and i could've purchased a shot gun as well.

Praying that you are all well soon.

Dawn said...

Poor Silly-Head! Poor Groovy. I hope things look up soon!

Love the General Store - sounds like a fun place.

Damselfly said...

How are you feeling now? And How is Mulletman doing now? And Silly-head? You poor things. Hope and pray you will on be on the mend soon....

Unknown said...

Hey hang in there Groovy! You can do it! Pray all get well soon.

The sign on the general store reminded me of another bloggers entry recently about finding CASKETS at her local COSTCO!!!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Hang in there sweetie. So sorry Silly head isn't feeling good. I am glad Mulletman is feeling better. Hope you feel better soon . Have a recipe for homemade suntan lotion ...I know I know I will try it first before I make ya'll guinea pigs. Just you and I always talk about great things without all the chemicals....LOL

When you are bored and need our laugh that you and I sometimes share read about how I ended up with an extra child at a park...LOL


Angel ( Angel Mama ) ():)

Tammy said...

Oh, poor Siily-head. Those bugs are the worst...hoping she is all better soon!

And guess what? I have the house to myself for several days right now- my family is camping...very strange! Well, I do have Mandy the dog and the tropical fish...oops, time to feed them!