08 July 2007













What? Huh? Oh sorry, I musta dozed off.

Pray for the man as he has his surgery tomorrow (Monday). Thanks!

I'll catch up with you all after I slip him... a couple.... of.... percocets.



Tammy said...

I'll be praying for him! Let us know how everything goes...
and hope you get some rest soon!

Anonymous said...

My prayers and good thoughts are with him.

Rita Loca said...

Praying and trust all goes well.

seejenngo said...

Wha-? I'm behind - gotta run back through you entries - wha-?!?

Gotta catch up with you guys and find out what's up with the man and why my blog is asterisked in your sidebar (is it because I rarely post and never remember to allow your comments?) and what you think about Math-U-See and when you will come over and play with us again!

seejenngo said...

Okay - now I'm caught up on the Mulletman part. Here are some ideas:

He could -

* Write the family Christmas letter.
* Have him teach guitar chords to the girlies.
* Read the Bible!
* Read the Bible to the girls.
* Invite Vernon over for coffee - that should take care of at least three hours. :)
* Make fiend-y sock puppets with the girls and do all the sound effects and background music for the puppet show.
* Call your mother. Or his.
* Read a non-funny book (to protect the repaired hernia patch). If needed, put in a library order for Jenn to pick up. If he can handle funny, borrow Honku from Sue T.
* Put the vacation pictures into Creative Memories scrapbooks. (teehee!)
* Read a U.S atlas.
* Polish the silver. (teehee!)
* Sharpen all the knives, scissors and nail clippers in the house.
* Sharpen the lawn-mower blade and all the outdoor tools that should be sharp, like shovels and hoes. And clippers and hackers.
* Clean the glass in all the pictures in the house.
* Learn to draw.
* Learn to knit.
* Use fine-tip permanent markers to put elaborate designs on everyone's arms. They'll wash off eventually...)
* Learn to play the harmonica.
* Floss.
* Offer manicures for the girls.
* Memorize Jude.

That's all I've got. Gimme a call sometime! Now I know why you didn't pick up the phone today...

Karen said...

Goats, kids, AND the Man? How do you tell them apart?

I'm hoping you get some time to yourself, and that MulletMan's recovery is quick and easy.

Dawn said...

I trust the surgery went well. I am feeling your pain (in the words of one of my least favorite presidents ever, who thinks he is going to co-preside for the next 8 years!).

I love all the great ideas for him to do from jeninme. She's very creative!

groovyoldlady said...

Oh Jenn. I am SO glad I did not read that whilst sipping on a beverage!

I'm sure you were just destined by God to give us all that AWESOME advice. I'll call Vernon right away.

(Snort, giggle, guffaw!)

Corn Dog said...

Sorry Groovy, I was MIA. I hope the surgery went fine and dandy. My prayers are with you.

Unknown said...

I love percocets!!I had them after my C-section and cried when the prescription ran out!
Hope all is going well now!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

I had to catch up too. I Hope all is well my sweet friend and I will come up with some ideas too but love Jenn's hehe


Angel ( ):)