12 July 2007


I just had to toss out a pair of my most favoritist socks because they have an irrepairable hole.



That reminds me.

I also have a favorite pair of panties.

No. I will not show them to you.

Suffice it to say they are a pretty cranberry color and are made of a soothing silk/spandex sort of mix. When I am stressed or depressed or hormonal, I always dig through the drawer to find them so I can wear them. They never fail to cheer me up, at least for a little while. It's immensely tragic if I want them and they are in the hamper.

Immensely. I don't even want to think about them getting an irrepairable hole.


I'm weird.


Mulletman is doing fairly well, but as predicted, he is bored. He tried to volunteer to work at the VBS registration table next week, but we actually have TOO MANY volunteers. How often does that happen?! That means he'll be doing alot of dusting at home to fill in the hours that the girls and I will be gone.

Silly-Head is much better. The word is that several kids in one of the 4-H groups were barfing over the weekend. She and her friend Peanut are the only ones out of our group to succumb to the bug. We're praying that no one else gets ill because (in case you didn't figure this out yet) VBS is next week.

We're expected 200+ children to be involved. I am in charge of Bible/Drama. My two side-kicks and I are responsible for building the sets and then out acting out the required Bible stories 5 times each day. It's all coming together beautifully and I'm very psyched!

Here's some pics from our goaty weekend:

Who needs Puppy love when you can have Goaty love?

Practicing in the show ring.

Oh Look! They got to make crafts too!! My favorite was the hoola hoop class. They made hoola hoops and decorated them and then practiced all weekend. EVERYONE was hoola-hooping. Even Mulletman found his inner funk. Unfortunately, I could not master the technique. Nor did I manange to get any photos to amaze you. I DID get some hoolahooping videos, but there are other folks on them and I wouldn't want to humiliate them by posting their, um, talents on the WWW. ;-)

Oh well, here are the girls "crafting". Silly-Head made a punched aluminum Christmas ornament and Girly-Girl made a "jewelry tree".


Dawn said...

Such cute kids and such cute kids!

There's nothing better than 4H and VBS all in one week!

Karen said...

I can definitely identify with the favorite socks and panties. I have a pair of each that are beginning to show signs of wanting to retire, but... These are the panties that don't scrunch, bunch, pinch, and tweak stray hairs. They're the perfect size and behave themselves by staying put.

Same with the socks, although none of my socks are hair pullers, as I am not a hairy-footed hobbit.

The girlies are certainly adorable and growing so fast. Have fun during VBS. It sounds like Very Busy Stuff is going to happen.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh I have definite favorites I will do a post of them for you ...LOL just kidding the slip was enough of getting personal. Beautiful pictures of you kids.

Angel ():)

Unknown said...

This post went from socks, to panties, to VBS, to goats, to cutie pies! Only on Groovy's blog! LOL

Corn Dog said...

I love these pictures. The kids (all of them - four leggers and two) are FABULOUSO. The punched Christmas ornament is a work of art.