03 June 2007

Make that 21!

OK...I loathe, hate, abhor, and despise prescription drug ads.

There. I've said it.


Dawn said...

I am with you on 99% of your peeves - probably 100, actually. Oh, oops, I did enjoy American Idol! But - not only prescription drug ads (especially since they don't tell you what the prescription is for, for goodness' sakes!), but how about Head-On! And the even more obnoxious, "I Hate Your Commerical, But Your Product is Amazing!" GRRR!

But, seriously, your testimony really blessed my heart. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love hearing stories like this, because I was raised in a Christian home, saved very young, and to see the grace of God in such a magnificant changing way always inspires me. Not that I am not thankful for keeping grace of God!

Dawn said...

Me again - I quoted that same song recently sung by Dallas Holm (the one you quoted in your testimony) in regard to Kev's journey. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Me too...they make me sick...no, wait, then I'd need them (lol)

I loathe, hate, abhor, and despise then too!

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

ahaha, well referenced, dawn.

headon - apply directly to your forehead. headon, available without a prescription.

Karen said...

ACK! The ones that don't tell you anything about the product, just to ask your doctor if you think it's right for you. I'm sure my doctor would love it if I did that every time I went to see her.

Then there are the ones that list all the potential side-effects, you know, that ones that make you go, "Hmm, what's worse? Terrible heartburn, or explosive diarrhea?"