05 June 2007

Comedy and Tragedy all in One Day

Went to the Mart today to buy stuff. That's what we usually do at the Mart. Naturally I totally forgot to pick up the 72 photos that I ordered for my poor, deprived mother who can't remember what we all look like because I never send her pictures.

I never send her pictures because I never remember to pick them up.


But that is neither here nor there and this post is not about my photographic forgetfulness.

Nope. It's about my budding comedian, Girly-Girl.

We're in the frou-frou department looking at shine inducing hairspray for our goats (yes, really). The girls were being silly and I was returning the favor.

Finally I said to 7 year-old Girly-Girl, "Good Gracious! Knock it off! You are driving me crazy!"

"Well", she shot back, "That's good, 'cause it's my job! If I don't do it, who will?"

I thought the two ladies pricing shampoo were going to wet themselves, they laughed so hard.

Then came the tragedy.

I got home and checked the email and there it was - the very, VERY sad message that Silly-Head's cute and adorable Nubian goat had died. She never did grow like the other goats, so she's either she's been ill all along or she had a genetic defect.

Either way, I have to break the news to Silly-Head today because tomorrow is our day to work with the goats.

They have two others that haven't been leased yet. Hopefully she'll take a shine to one of them. But she was so smitten with Licorice...



Well, I just gave Silly-Head the bad news. I was expecting her to get at least a LITTLE teary. After all, she ADORED this goat. But she just shrugged and nodded sagely and immediately started discussing with Girly-Girl the merits/downfalls of the two new goats she had to choose from. Then they bounced off, giggling, to play Polly Pockets.

Perhaps reality will slap her tomorrow when we go to the farm and there is no Licorice to beg raisins from her...

Perhaps not!


Anonymous said...

ahh, That's terrible. Those things I guess are a part of life, but gosh! They're no fun at all! I hope it goes well and that she does like another one. Now, I had no idea you can lease a goat and I will have to tell me husband because that is the neatest thing I've heard in a long time!

anno said...

The groovy girls sounds pretty lively and resilient. I am so sorry to hear about poor Licorice, though. Good luck at the farm tomorrow!

Dawn said...

The resilience of childhood is a blessing! And she sounds like a chip off the groovyoldlady block!

Carole Burant said...

Poor little Licorice...as you say, Silly-Head might have more of a reaction when she goes tomorrow and realizes Licorice is no longer around. Good thing kids bounce back so fast!! xox

Dawna said...

I must say that I am quite forlorn after reading about little Licorice. I was just petting him last week when we went to the goat farm. I will be praying for Silly Head. I know how Mr. Goober Brain would have taken the news if it were his goat so please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

Meanwhile I am going to read the rest of your entries that I missed while I have been out of the blog world.
Big Hugs!

Jana B said...

Girly-Girl sounds like loads of fun!!!!

Poor Silly-Head... I'm glad she's dealing with the goat's passing so well.

Damselfly said...

So, what *is* the best hairspray for goats?

Tammy said...

Oh...so glad she worked through her grief quickly! LOL And poor you for feeling worried about telling her, bless your heart. I do that, too!

My own silly-head and girly-girl would have such a great time spending the day with yours! :)

Lori said...

I love your blog! You just spell things out just the way they are.

Diane Viere said...

Well...that apple didn't fall far from the tree.....did she!

You crack me up!

Lease a goat? Who'd a thunk! Thanks for the great Father's Day gift idea! Oh--maybe not--if I want my marriage to last! Seriously, you can lease a goat? What's next!?!

I"m so glad you're little ones were not devastated by the news....it may have something to do with the great job of parenting you've done so far! Or maybe THEY already know....you can lease a goat!!!!!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Poor goat! How great the way she took the news. i would have been a blubbering idiot! Huggles!

Naturegirl said...

My first time here ! I don't know what's going on with goats but it appears that you have a wonderful connection with your daughter!
~Thank you for taking the time~ in giving me a hint re: Pea's post! I meet ~the nicest people~ through her welcoming blogsite! Happy day!hugs NG