05 April 2007

Snow and Romance and so on...

As I type this at 6:00 am on April 5, 2007, we have 12 inches of heavy snow on the ground and it's still coming down thickly. Predictions on NPR are for another lovely foot of snow. Mulletman had to run out to snow-blow a path for the car and now he's commuting 70 miles to work in the storm. (ugh!! I will not worry, God is watching over him……..I will NOT worry.)

Here's a peek at my back deck this morning:

Let's see, there must be a good point to this late snow. Yep. There must be.

Ah, I have it! All our other storms were made of cold, fine snow so we never got to make a snowman this past winter. This is heavy, wet snow. It's perfect for snowballs, snowmen, and sculptures. There, that'll take care of P.E. for today!


I've actually been up for a while now, thinking (oh foolish me) that I'd get caught up with my blogging friends this morning before I deal with school, a writing project, housework and more snow-blowing. Unfortunately, the internet is down and with this vehement return of winter, I don't anticipate it coming back up anytime soon.

Oh well, my WP is working and we have power and heat, so I can at least get caught up on some of my writing; I'll post my anniversary updates just as soon as service is restored.

Big News: Mulletman and I have decided to sign up for the American Lung Association's Trek Across Maine. Over three days in mid-June we will ride our bikes over 180 miles across Maine to raise money for the ALA. We've applied to be a part of the team from our bank, the "Lone Rangers". Last year there were 37 Lone Rangers. Sounds more like a pack of Rangers to me.

Actually, I think it'll be great to be able say "Open Up! Groovyoldlady, Maine Ranger here!" when I get to the port-o-let at the rest stops. Then I can kick in the door and storm the potty!

Speaking of storms, Guess we won't be training today…

Other News: I received my prizes from Kathleen for my Blarney story. She gave me Beth Moore's book "Believing God" and a live CD of the Corrs in Dublin. I'd never heard of the Corrs before, so Mulletman and I will enjoy the musical adventure.

Thanks, Kathleen!

WARNING, The Following Report is Immensely Romantic; A Box of Tissues is HIGHLY Recommended!
Our actual anniversary was on April 3 - this past Tuesday. We'd already spent a zillion dollars and four days celebrating, so I wasn't expecting anything at all except one more meal out with the girlies and the folks (the folks were buying).

I hadn't had a chance to fill my Mom in on all the fun from our trip, so I gave her a call. Suddenly this very handsome, wonderful smelling man in a suit (a SUIT????) came striding into the kitchen. He grabbed the phone out of my hand.

"Shell call you back!" he shouted and hung up on my Mom.

I was a bit shocked. "Um...What's up?"

"It's 2:00pm!"


"It's our anniversary RIGHT NOW! We got married at 2:00pm, 25 years ago!"

Suddenly I started to realize that he was being ROMANTIC. Aaaaaaaw! How sweet! He had rushed through working-out, shaving, showering, and dressing so he'd be ready right at 2:00pm. I was smiling now, and getting a little bit misty.

But wait, it got even better.

He pulled out a small white bag and a nicely wrapped box in silver paper, "Happy Anniversary!"

I opened the bag first. It was FULL of premium, incredible tasting squares of dark chocolate. This was HUGE because he's always discouraging me from eating sweets, even though I hint for chocolate all the time. It was truly a gift born out of his love for

I was starting to get teary now as I opened the box. Inside was this beautiful sterling silver necklace with three diamonds.

He said the sales-lady suggested that the diamonds stood for the past, present, and future. Aaaaaaaaw! But he thought they stood for April THIRD. Aaaaaaaaw again!

But wait, it got even better.

He took me by the hand and led me into the living room. He put on a Barbara Streisand CD and started "Evergreen" - a song from our wedding - and he DANCED with me. He HATES dancing! I was bawling the whole time. It was WONDERFUL!
A little later in the day came a phone call from our church secretary. She knew we were going to go out and the church wanted to pay for our dinner.

"Um, well, we were going to take the kids with us too." I objected.

"No problem!"

"And, um, the folks are also coming."

"Still no problem! Just order whatever you want. Go WILD, and then bring us the receipt. Not many marriages make it to 25 years and we want to celebrate with you!"


And this was after both my Mom and the folks had already given us sizable chunks of celebratory money!

The girlies and their bears are decked out and ready for dinner festivities:

One groovy couple:

We ate at a seafood restaurant and, although we didn't go wild, had a lovely meal. Then we scooted back home for one last surprise. The folks had bought us an ice-cream cake from DQ. Whoo-hoo!

This has been the most incredible anniversary celebration. I am married to an awesome dude and I'm truly looking forward to 25 more years with him.

Next Installment: Longfellow's Wayside Inn

-The computer is back and so am I.
-Mulletman made it safely to work.
-We got 18+" of very wet heavy snow.
-Every muscle in my body hurts from shoveling and blowing said snow.
-The girls and I made awesome snow people, but it was so warm that their heads have already fallen off.

Watch for me...I'm coming to your blog tonight or tomorrow to play catch-up!


Dawn said...

What a beautiful bride and groom!

What beautiful (though yucky, too late) snow! I hope it didn't crack too many branches.

Sounds like you've had a fabulous anniversary celebration. I didn't realize it was your 25th. We hope to go to Hawaii for our 35th - my 60th birthday and his 65th all this year - quite a year for us.

Love the new haircut also.

Great song you quoted - love that song! And you do make me chuckle - that's a good thing!

Welcome home and back to reality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I just finished reading this post and it sounds like you have a wonderful life and husband (just like me!) Happy belated anniversary you have certainly been blessed! BTW I am currently going to a bible study at our church on Beth Moores Daniel series. It is a great study. Beth Moore is a fantastic lady.

Karen said...

Busy times in Maine. Happy Anniversary and congratulations.

So, weren't you the one who complained that the west coast was getting all your snow...? Don't think of it as late, think of it as well seasoned. It had to swing through Washington and pick up some coffee for that long trek east.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That was oh so romantic! I didn't cry, but I did get a lump in my throat! What a sweetie! He did great! :)

I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time and can't wait for the update!

All that snow! Wow! I'm just not used to that here in sunny california. It's gloomy outside and I'm complaining, but shoveling snow! WOW! :)

Carole Burant said...

Waaaaaaaaaa you made me use up all my tissues...and that was just after reading about all the snow you got! hehe Seriously, your hubby was very romantic in giving you that gorgeous heart pendant and dancing with you...not many husbands even remember what songs were played at the wedding! lol And wow, the church paying for your celebratory meal....awesome! Love that picture of the both of you with the cake:-) Happy Easter to you and yours dear Groovy and hope you thaw out!! Hugs xox

Ballpoint Wren said...


This post gave me the sniffles. MulletMan is SOOOOO SWEEEET!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary to the CUTEST COUPLE!!!

Karen Putz said...

Awww, that was such a sweet anniversary and what a beautiful necklace!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

What a wonderful romantic sweet post. I happened to come on your blog while visiting others and wanted to say I like your blog.

I am glad you had a wonderful time.

Please stop by for a visit sometime.

Angel Mama ():)