17 March 2007

A Weary Week

Well, well, well. It's seems I've won the Blarney contest for THIS LINK and now sweet Kathleen is mailing me a prize. Whoo-hoo!


So why haven't I written much this past week? Hmmmm, here's a brief synopsis:

We took Grampy to the hospital in the middle of the night last...um...Friday night. He had pneumonia with a fever and was confused. He's much better now and home again.

The girlies and I went to 4-H where the kids ran around with the kids and I spent 2+ hours running back and forth through calf deep mud hauling goat babies to and from the barn to be disbudded, tatooed, castrated, and innoculated against tetanus. When we were through I was covered with mud, blood, green tatoo dye, and yellow disinfectant. It was wonderfully fun (yes, I AM serious!), but I was exhausted afterwards.


I was working on a 50th wedding anniversary cake. In its early stages it looked something like a fat frog:

Here's the finished product:

I've been researching Thumbsucking and building a Squidoo Lens on the topic. It's not finished yet because I'm having some technical difficulties with YouTube (and because I keep getting distracted!).

I've been rehearsing for a skit that I was supposed to be doing today at a women's conference in Bangor. However, the conference was postponed until May because of this icky, icy storm that started last night and is still going full force.

This is especially sad, because yesterday we located the perfect extra actor for our skit. His name is Steven and we get to keep him. You might say that he's the new head of our home:

Last night, Mulletman spent the night in Bangor so he wouldn't have to drive to work in the storm this morning. He didn't want me to be lonely so...

Naturally I had school with the girlies. We did all the usual studies plus we also made these handy-dandy Spring noteholders. Truly March HAS come in like a Lion, but only time will tell if it goes out like a Lamb. After we made them Girly-Girl said, "These remind me of Jesus because He is brave and powerful like a lion, but He is gentle and snuggly like a lamb!"


On Wednesday we spent the entire day in Bangor at the Children's Discovery Museum. Then we went out to supper at Bugaboo Creek Steak House. Many thanks to my mom for supplying us with the funds for this fun outing! Unfortunately, I forgot the camera!

What else?

Well, I got 2 writing job offers. One I was quite excited about, but it hasn't yet panned out. The other was for a slimeball who wanted me to write manipulative sales copy for his website. His product? An ebook that will teach you how to sidestep research and "steal" other writer's work to tweak and publish as your own. I sent him a scathing, but professional reply; Something along the lines of, "NO WAY, YOU DIRTBALL!"

I also managed to get some housework done somewhere during the week AND I managed to check in on everyone else's blogs.

I spent alot of time looking up Scriptures to use in a counseling situation.

Oh yeah, and my period started. (Oh joy.)

And I just spent 2+ hours clearing the driveway so that Mulletman can actually get into the driveway when he comes home tonight.


I think it's naptime now.

Move over, Steve! ;-)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You just tell old Steve to move right over cause it sounds like you need a nap1 My what a week! The cake came out lovely! I really liked the pic of the kids with the goats.

Anonymous said...

So glad Grampy is better.
I had no idea you are such a talented cake decorator - that cake is gorgeous!!!
Your girlies are sooo cute, especially the thumbsucker. And Steve, what can you say but 'What a man!'
You are hilarious, Groovy. Thanks for a much needed laugh!

groovyoldlady said...

Steve's not too bad, but he's not even half the man Mulletman is!

Tammy said...

Wow, Groovy, you've been busy! And the cake is absolutely beautiful! You are truly talented!
Love the picture of the kids with the "kids".
Oh, Congratulations on winning the blarney contest- woohoo! And for the writing offers...well, one of them! :)
Now, go get some rest...:)

Damselfly said...

That cake looks great! My stepmother did cakes for a lot of people and I helped her when I was living at home.

Hope Grampy feels better.