17 February 2007

Valentine's Day Homeschool Style

I don't know what you did for Valentine's Day, but the Groovy household spent the whole day celebrating. We started out with heart-shaped pancakes. Yum!

Then we opened gifts and cards and enjoyed our flowers from Daddy. We gave Daddy a $1 Andy Griffith dvd and some very odd flavored gum (spearmint melon and peppermint berry); He's a gumaholic!

Since it was a school day, Girly-Girl and Silly-Head had some worksheets to do, but they were all about Valentine's Day!

For lunch, Mulletman and the girls had heart-shaped sandwiches. I hate to waste food, so I ate all the scraps!

Then the girls donned their aprons and got very busy (and very messy!) making chocolate cookies from a Martha Stewart recipe that Girly-Girl found in a forgotten kid's magazine. "Oh please Mom, " she begged, "Can we make these for Valentine's Day?" How could I say no? They were WAY too sweet, but the girls had a great time making them!

We also made mobiles to display the Valentine's the girls got at the homeschool Valentine Party on Tuesday.

For supper? Heart-shaped pizzas, of course!

After supper, we all headed over to Gram and Gramp's attached apartment (They are away on the tail end of a road trip to Florida) and watched several Andy Griffith episodes on their huge tv. It was a cozy ending to a wonderful day.


Addendum: Although our day WAS quite nice, it is neverless true that Mulletman was having an "off" day. He participated and cheered in all the right places, but he wasn't really feeling up to snuff. This may have been due to the fact that we had an actual blizzard all day and he had to snow-blow vast mountains of the powdery stuff in wildly gusting winds. At any rate, he wasn't terribly romantic. I got some Walmart flowers to share with the girls and an obligatory hug. That was about it.

BUT, he more than made up for it with one crazy move. On Thursday, after I worked out I headed into the bathroom to soak in the tub. He immediately popped in after me.

"Did you notice???" he asked excitedly. "I did it just for you!"

"Notice what?"

He pointed to this:

That's a rose - a toilet paper rose. Well, it is if you look at it through the eyes of love. A coupla years ago we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast and I was totally awed by their ellegant toilet paper presentation. This was his sweet attempt to recreate the fun of that moment.

Ya know what? It worked!


Tammy said...

Oh, this was wonderful...I loved reading about your family's Valentine's Day!
First of all, your girls are so beautiful and at first I thought they were twins, they look so much alike.
(But they aren't right?)
And then...the story of your husband doing that unexpected little thing with the toilet paper the day after...priceless!
Thanks for sharing all of this, it really made me smile! :)

Carole Burant said...

I so loved the way everything you guys ate that day was made in the shape of a heart:-) These are the type of memories your girls will always remember! And tell Mulletman for me....he done good:-) hehe

Ms. Kathleen said...

Love the Valentine Mobile! Now that is art! ☺

The day looks fabulous...down to the heart shaped pizza. Now that's love for you!

Anonymous said...

What fun you all had on Valentine's Day! Can I come next year??

Perhaps Mulletman would be interested in my post on Toilet Paper - http://dappledthings.wordpress.com/2007/02/10/on-a-roll/



Cathy Fry said...

That looked like a fun heart and love filled day with the family. I painted the saw blade about a year ago, I painted in high school and haven't really done much of it since, because of little ones, but I have started to paint on rocks, canvas, and sawblades now, so I will be sharing. Have a great day!

Karen Putz said...

Awww, that's sweet!

Jessica Morris said...

That toilet paper rose is just too funny!!! How sweet of him to do that for you!!