19 February 2007

Twins? I Don't Think So!!

I'm posting this for Tammy who asked, as so many people have, if my girlies are twins:

As Different as Night and Day
by Sherry (Groovy) Grunder

Fran and Nan got into the van with Mamma and went to the store.

“They’re so cute!” gushed the cashier, “Are they twins?”

“Twins?” asked Mamma. “Oh my goodness, no!”

“But they’re just alike!” insisted the cashier. “They’re close to the same size and both have brown hair, sparkling eyes and mischievous smiles.”

“You’re mistaken!” Mamma replied, “They’re as different as night and day! Fran is six; Nan is four. Fran is slender; Nan is plump. Fran is pale; Nan is tanned. They’re most definitely not twins!”


The next day Fran and Nan got into the van with Mamma. They drove to the playground.

“What precious little girls!” said a grammy nearby. “Are they twins?”

“Twins?” asked Mamma. “Certainly not!”

“But they’re just alike.” The grammy explained. “Both have freckles, both giggle most delightfully, and both run like the wind.”

“I’m afraid you’re confused!” Mamma replied, “They’re as different as peas and carrots! Fran loves to swing; Nan would rather slide. Fran skips; Nan gallops. Fran climbs the monkey bars; Nan keeps her feet firmly on the ground. They’re most assuredly NOT twins!”


The following day Fran and Nan got in the van with Mamma. They cruised to the post office to mail a package.

“What adorable young ladies!” exclaimed the postman. “Are they twins?”

“Twins?” Mamma asked “Absolutely NOT!”

“But they’re so much alike!” continued the postman. “They both like to hum while they’re waiting, both have ballerina sneakers and both smile shyly at the other people in line.”

“You’re quite wrong!” Mamma said, “They’re as different as rain and sunshine! Fran is talkative; Nan is quiet and thoughtful. Fran is impatient; Nan could wait all day. Fran is very silly; Nan takes life seriously. They’re OBVIOUSLY NOT twins!”


That evening, Fran and Nan got into the van with Mamma. They rode to Pizza Palace for lunch.

“What sweet little girls.” said the waitress. “Are they twins?”

“Twins? she gasped. “NO, they’re NOT twins!! Why does EVERYBODY think they’re twins?

“Well,” continued the waitress, timidly. “They are both so sweet and cute and precious and adorable...”

Mamma’s lips were pressed together. “You’re right,” she said. “Fran and Nan are sweet and cute and precious and adorable, but they are NOT twins! They’re as different as night and day! They’re as different as peas and carrots! They’re as different as sunshine and rain! THEY ARE MOST DEFINITELY, ASSUREDLY, AND OBVIOUSLY NOT TWINS!”


“Mamma!” said Fran.

“Mamma?” said Nan.

Mamma looked at her two little girls.

Fran began, “Nan and I ARE as different as night and day.”

“We ARE as different as peas and carrots.” continued Nan.

“And we ARE as different as rain and sunshine!” they said together.

“But we’re both hungry, and we BOTH want pizza!” they shouted.

Mamma smiled. “It’s true that you’re not twins, but in many ways you ARE alike. Waitress? Pizza please!”

“What kind?” she asked.

“Pepperoni!” cried Fran

“Mushroom!” insisted Nan.

Mamma just laughed.


Anonymous said...

Adorable and so creative! Wow!

Tammy said...

Oh, I am so honored that you posted this partly for me! :) Loved it...and as I said before, your girls are both so beautiful!

It's funny, but even my two girls have been thought to be twins out in public a couple of times- and they are nearly three years apart! :) And though I see so many differences, it's true that if I look at a picture of my oldest at age 3 or 4, it is the spitting image of my youngest.

And I'm glad I haven't been the only one to ask if your girls were twins! ;)

Dawn said...

Very clever, but they DO look alot alike. My two granddaughters are 20 months apart, looked identical on the baby pictures, and still get asked if they're twins - they're 4 and 2 and there's a great difference in their sizes!

This is my first visit - I came from Tammy's.

Carole Burant said...

How pretty they are...are they twins??? hehe When I was a young teen, my best friend had long blonde hair like me, we both had blue eyes and slim builds...I lost track of how many people thought we were twins...and we weren't even sisters! lol Great story! xox

ruth said...

I don't remember how old my sister who is 22 months younger than myself was when she reached the same height as myself & we were thought to be twins. It wasn't long though before she passed me in height. When she was 11 & I was 13, I never was questioned by the conductor on street cars(yes you read that correctly) while she was given a hard time by them & I think finally had to carry a note from my mom saying she was 11 & I was never question about my age & blissfully passed as under 12. Probably not the most honest thing to do but this was during the depression, & it was a much cheaper fare. Daughter Tammy's two remind me so much of my sis & I who are still close.

groovyoldlady said...

Welcome to Julee and Ruth and Dawn. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?!

What's funny is Silly-Head is a head shorter than her sister, she's quite plump with an olive complection and thick, dark hair (lots of...she's going to have a mustache and sideburns).

Girly-Girl is whiter than white (and she doesn't tan), she's VERY thin, with whispy medium brown hair (If I braid it all together it's as thin as a pencil!)

I guess I know them so well that I just can't fathom how ANYONE could think they are twins, but folks ask me if they are all the time.

Karen said...

What a wonderful story! My Minions are 18 months apart, one is fair, the other dark; one has blue eyes, the other brown; one looks like me, the other, his sire. Yet, when they were Mini-Minions, people always asked if they were twins.

Which isn't quite as bad as the time I had Spawn all bundled up in a lovely pink dress, with a lacy white bonnet, lacy socks over ruffled-bottom tights, and white patent leather shoes, and some woman asked me if my baby was a boy or a girl. I just looked at her and said, "It's too early to tell."

groovyoldlady said...

Oh Karen...what a PERFECT response!

Dawn said...

Little Feisty is the most feminine of little ones, but Care Bear chopped off her hair and now she gets called "he" on occasion.

Thanks for stopping by today - I love the goofy little poem! Good thoughts in it.

Diane Viere said...

They may not be twins....but their momma sure is creative! Delightful story!


Dawn said...

I meant to say yesterday regarding your comment to me - I sure hope that someday you have the joy of interacting with your grandkids. It is a whole new world!

Karen Putz said...

Your girls are so cute! One of my sisters is 16 years older than me but we look a lot alike. I don't know if it's flattering for her to look as young as me or depressing that I look as old as her...


Ballpoint Wren said...

I love this! You should submit it to a children's publisher!