02 November 2006

Another Silly-Head Moment

Last night was family game night at the Groovy abode. We try to have one every week or two and it's always a fun and crazy event. Periodically throughout the game of "Trouble", Silly-Head would come up to me and rub my back and snuggle against my shoulder and sigh contentedly. I was really getting the warm fuzzies until I realized that all that affection was not for me; It was for my jackety-sweatery thing!

It's soft and apparently it also smells good. Whenever she can, Silly-Head will swipe it and wear it or carry it around and stroke it. She even takes it to bed with her whenever she can. This does cause conflict at times because it is MY favorite article of clothing too! :winky:

As we were getting ready for a rousing game of "Big Fish, Little Fish", Silly-Head grabbed the instructions out of the box.

"OK." She says, "I will read the constructions."

The mom/teacher in me immediately kicked in, "Silly-Head, those are not CONstructions, those are INstructions. CONstruction involves building things; INstructions tell you how to do something."

Silly-Head completely ignored me.

"It says here that there are twelve rules. One is, 'NO SPEAKING!' and the other one is 'NO MOVING'!"

Let's just say it's a tough game to play!

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