03 November 2006

Mom For President!

I remember in high school thinking that I'd like to be a senator one day. That was back before I realized that senators had to deal with tough topics like economics (Aaaaack!) and poverty and war and worldwide idiocy. That was back before I realized that I have neither the brains, nor the grit, nor the drive to be in politics.

I was sure that I was going to rise in power to Washington and put an end to the assinine Daylight Savings Time, simplify all the IRS tax forms, and unilaterally change all US high schools so that classes started after 9 am. Then reality set in. I wasn't even going to go to college! Instead I was getting married in my senior year of high school (no, not because we "had" to, because we wanted to) and by our 4th anniversary we had two children.

That's where the training began. I might never sit in the hallowed halls of the senate, but I was very busy making "laws" for our home. I was a peace emmisary in violent disputes. I was the overseer of complex economic conundrums. I was judge and arbiter of criminal offences. I was the gentle ambassador of God, explaining His precepts to growing minds and hearts. I was the bestower of welfare and aid. I was public transportation. I was the DA, the FDA, the IRS, and the EPA. I was the education system. I was the consummate baby kisser.

I was Mom.

Now that I am living that life all over again with Silly-Head and Girly-Girl I wonder. Maybe I would be a good senator after all...Heck, maybe it's time we voted Mom for President!

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