06 August 2015

An Eventful Few Weeks

Well, life hasn't slowed down, but I have.

I had surgery a week ago and recovery is kicking my butt.  I know the doc told me it would take six weeks, but I was sure that, in my case, "six weeks" meant 4-5 days.

Silly Groovy!

Anyhoo, I figured I'd use some of this chill time to post on my blog.

It has been and continues to be a very (VERY) eventful time here at Groovy Gramma's Farm.  The biggest and most serious "event" was that we lost Grampy a few weeks ago.  He's been in ill health for years, but his death came rather suddenly and unexpectedly.  It was a bit of a shock, but we were glad he didn't suffer!!!  Life won't be the same without him.  Thankfully we do have the assurance of knowing he is no longer in pain and that every tear has been wiped away.  He loved the Lord and we are confident he is with His Savior.

We sold 2 of our beloved goaties a couple of weeks ago.  Electra and Davian have found new homes and now we are focused on the "productive" members of our herd.  The girlies have been working very hard preparing them all for our first dairy goat show this weekend.  Then we have another show next weekend.  We also have two 4-H displays to set up at the second fair.

It's making me CRAZY being so physically restricted at fair time.  However, my girlies are old pros and the BHE was able to get off work so he can take them to this weekend's fair.  It involves a 5:30am departure and a looooooooong day of showing.  I'm definitely not up to that yet!  I shall have to be content with having Grammy take me up there for an hour or two in the afternoon to sit in my lawn chair and get waited on like an invalid.

Hmmm.  I guess I'd better enjoy this pampering while I can!

In addition to all the recovering and 4-Hing, our son, Scout, will be arriving on Sunday for a 2 week visit.  We'll be seeing him and his 3 kiddos as much as time and energy will possibly permit.

We're also looking at a third fair over Labor Day weekend.  That one requires us to stay on the fairgrounds for the 4 day entirety of the fair.  Fun, but rather tiring!

The week after that we're taking off for a 2 week vacation.  I think I'd really rather stay at home.  The older I get the more of a homebody I am.  But the BHE has nomadic blood and gets pretty cranky and unhappy if we stay still too long.  And frankly, a happy hubby is tremendously important to me! So go we will.

Thus far we've done 2 coast to coast road trips and one crazy, but awesome January trek to Texas and back.  We always see all the national parks and sights and camp in our tent whenever possible.  This time it looks like we're heading south.  The girlies have never been to Florida.

Of course we're leaving just a couple of weeks after the official start of school.  That will be especially odd since I am co-teaching a High School biology class...

Hmmmm.  I'm tired just thinking about all of this.

It's time to pull back and enjoy the quiet of an evening with my girls; Maybe a game or maybe a movie.  Or maybe I'll just take a little nap and then have them bring me ice cream.

Gotta enjoy my convalescence!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello my friend. Sorry about Grampy and about you having surgery. Good to hear from you!

groovyoldlady said...

HI Michelle! Thanks. I keep meaning to write more often. I get your blog posts in my email. I always enjoy reading about you and your hubby and, of course, Miss Sylvia!!!!!

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