04 December 2014


Ah, flexibility.  The word of the month.

I've been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d quite a bit the past 2-3 weeks - both literally and figuratively!

On the figurative side we've had plans changed and resorted to plans B and C on more occasions than I can now recall.  Car broken down.  Weather cancellations.  Schedule conflicts.  Weird electrical smells from the dishwasher. Toilet replacement (More on that in my next post!) and MORE.

Smile.  Keep your chin up.  Roll with the punches.

Semper Gumbi!

I've had 2 relatives get quite angry with me and they both "let me have it".  Some of what was said, I deserved.  Much of the rest were just painful, unnecessary reminders of how I failed in the past.  I even got lambasted for not being snuggly as a baby.

Yes, I'm serious.

The Lord has brought peace and forgiveness now, but WOW.

Semper Gumbi!

On the literal side, the girlies are in a play in April/May.  Girly-Girl will be dancing in said play and is supposed to be able to do the splits.  She currently cannot do them.  At all.  So Silly-Head and I agreed to work and exercise and stretch with her so we can ALL do the splits by the end of April.

Yes, I'm serious.

GroovyOLDlady is working on doing the splits.

I actually don't think it will that hard.  I am already MUCH more flexible than either of my teen daughters.  Of course, I did fall right on my head doing a stunt.   But we won't mention that here...

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

The last piece of flexibility comes from dealing with the goats.  It looks like Ditza's breeding took.  Huzzah!  Annika seems to have settled as well.  (Though I won't be surprised at all if she proves me wrong; She's good at that!)

It's Electra who's making me crazy.  She went to the buck BEFORE she was in heat and stayed with him constantly for several days.  She started flagging her tail and let him perform his bucky administrations a few days after she'd been there.  The breeder called and said she was bred but they were going to leave her and Mr. Man together longer because she was still flagging ("Flagging" is one of the classic ways a doe says she's ready to breed).  So she stayed there a few more days and we picked her up.

She was still flagging.

She's still flagging almost 3 weeks later.


Is she pregnant or is she in heat or is she just a nutcase?

Whichever it is, she's keeping me flexible.

Semper Gumbi!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sorry about the hurtful things said. And if I even tried to do the splits, it would take a miracle to put me back together.

groovyoldlady said...

Thanks, Michelle. The conflicts were not fun and resulted in quite a bit of stress and loss of sleep. I'm so glad things have simmered down on those fronts. I also hope I shall remain flexible so the Lord can help me discern what is true (so I can grow and change) and what is not.

And I think there should be a an intervention for old people like me with crazy physical goals. ;-)

anno said...

After stretching yourself into a pretzel, I hope you find some time to relax and repair and rediscover your own natural boundaries again. An intervention of casseroles, perhaps? Or chocolate? And time to read and play around, of course. Hugs and sympathies, friend. xoxox.

groovyoldlady said...

Casseroles and chocolate? Anno, you know me well!!!!!