09 November 2014

Writing is Groovy!

Greetings to All My Internutty friends (ie.  all 3 of you that will read this post)!

'Tis I,  Groovy, back from the world of wordlessness.

As you may (or may not) know, our family took a loooooong trip from the East coast to the West coast and back again over the course of 4 weeks.  During that trip each of us faithfully kept a daily journal.  I was forced for day after day to write whole sentences, nay, paragraphs of prose for future generations to read.  And I had to make it interesting so they'd actually, you know, want to read it.

It got easier and easier as the month went on and, truth be told, I missed writing my daily missives once the trip was over.  I found myself thinking much differently than I did before the trip when my brain was still in FaceBook mode.  I now find my muse formulating BLOG posts and play scripts and story ideas instead of pithy one-liners.

Even so, it has taken another 5 weeks to actually get around to writing on my blog again.  First I had to go back and reminisce over old blog posts.  And I had to tear up and "Oooooo" and "Awwwww" over adorable photos of Girly-Girl and Silly-Head as wee little girls.  And I had to change up my blog design a bit.

But now I'm ready to write.  And write some more.  And write more often.

So keep your eyes open for new posts.  Oh, and invite your friends to stop by as well.

I'll be writing about daily life at the Groovy Farm with the Groovy family and, of course, the Groovy goats.  I'm sure you'll also get the rare privilege of reading some of the crazy (albeit groovy) topics I think about.

On the docket for future posts:

*  When I dust and vacuum my house, am I sweeping up the remains of some ancient civilization?

*  Why can't I keep pregnant goats in the kitchen?

*  It's just wrong for one woman to have menstrual cycles for over 40 years.  (Can I get an Amen?)

*  I am using my Jedi mind powers to convince the Best Hubby Ever that we need to add chickens to our farm.  (Wish me luck, my Jedi powers ain't what they used to be!)

*  What's the deal with those stupid fuzzy slipper socks that leave lint all over the floor and the bed and in shoes and on the couch and in the tub (wet lint, in that case) and on the carpet and in the basement and....oh heck, I think I even found some out in the goat pen.

*  Why, Why, Oh WHY is there no simple urine pregnancy test for goats?

*  Life with GrammaJ and the Folks...  (so many posts, so little time!)

And more!

So stay tuned, Groovy will be back soon with something groovy to say!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello my sweet groovy friend!

groovyoldlady said...

Greetings, Michelle. I love you!