08 July 2014


Hi Folks,

Groovy here.  Facebook is now a thing of the past.  Do you know what that means?


Do you?


It means no more stupid game requests.

It means no more gratuitous pics of adorable children, cats, goats, hamsters, or horses.

It means no more political Hoo-Haw.

It means no more "If you believe this is true then repost it or else."

It means my hubby's mind will be at ease - he's NEVER been comfortable with Facebook.

It means I won't be so distracted (at least, not from Facebook!)


It also means I can spend more time writing.

So there.

I'll be back this weekend.


See ya then!


anno said...

hmmm.... so this made me think: what does it mean that my first instinct was to look for the "Like" button? Nothing good, I am sure.

I think your decision is brave and wise and good. Might be joining you sometime soon.... after I finish the current photography challenge, that is...

Have missed you. Suddenly realized how long it's been since I'd heard from you; am glad to find you here.

Anyway. Thinking of you, wishing you well.

groovyoldlady said...

Anno!!!!!!!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!! Please come often - and get busy writing, girlfriend. There's been nothing new on your blog for YEARS!!!!!

I'm bound and determined to up my writing ante. It's taken a complete withdrawal from FB and a month long trip that include daily journaling to help snap me out of the FB numb brain funk of disasterousness. Now...I am BACK! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

anno said...

It's been a time of transitions, Groovy: lots of experiences-- aging parents, in-laws who just moved in with us, me with a new full-time job for the first time in 25 years, daughter graduating from university, and my own parents who are navigating their own difficulties -- and not much time for words. Maybe later. For now, it is enough to be well and healthy and occasionally take a picture or two.

Am very much looking forward, though, to hearing more about your own thoughts and adventures! Much love to you and your family, goats & all -- Happy Thanksgiving

groovyoldlady said...

Thanksgiving was good but small. Just us and the parents and the 2 younger girls.

I hear you on the "changes". Sometimes scary, sometimes exhilerating, always exhausting. In fact, I'm too tired to look up the word I misspelled there...

Have a very MERRY Christmas!