07 June 2014

Common Core Conundrum

I was recently challenged by a sweet and intelligent friend regarding my opposition to the Common Core.  I took the challenge to heart and have spent some time doing more research to see if I (we) are overreacting - after all, none of us really like change and we tend to raise a fuss any time change takes place (FaceBook is one great example of how quick we are to whine!) - often without good reason.

However, after spending a boatload of time reading about Common Core today.  I feel more alarmed than ever.

 I encourage you all  (ALL!) to look deeper into this issue for yourselves.  Whether your children attend public school or private school or you homeschool, Common Core has a STRONG potential to affect you and your family.  Please DO read up on it. Several links follow, both Pro and Con, for your ease in doing so.

Here's one from  Parents 4 Public Schools.

And here's one from  the Core Standards Website.  I have to note that this myth/fact format does not include any sources for its claims.  It sounds more like an "Is NOT!  Is TOO!" argument...

Here's the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for a look at the legal implications.

Here's a Link to a documentary done on the Common Core.  Actually, the link is to the trailer, but you will be provided the link to the full video, once you start watching the trailer.  It is approximately 40 minutes long...

This link takes us through some of the reactions and backlash to the HSLDA's video.

I know there's a ton more info out there.  But I trust you can Google as well as I can.  Take some time and do so.  The education of our children is THAT important!

Please feel free to leave insightful comments - pro or con - in my comments.  Play nice...No badgering or name calling - I WILL delete comments that are disrespectful!

Here's to research and thinking and prayer!


cyndee said...

When big business decides there is money to be made in education, design a curriculum, leave educators and parents out of the equation, it is the children who suffer the most.

Unknown said...

I do understand the argument that CCSS will be better for the more mobile students but I am very uncomfortable with the mentality of treating our children as cogs in the big machine!! After looking at some of the texts and worksheets; I have many negative feelings/opinions toward the CCSS but will continue looking into it with an open mind.