21 November 2013

Oh No, Not Again...

I was out shopping recently and found this lovely little cross stitch kit with a hummingbird on it. For the past year GrammaJ has been looking for a hummingbird photo or picture or figure to put on her wall. But we have not found anything yet. This kit was pretty much screaming “BUY ME!” That, even though I SWORE I would never do any needlework again.
This is not because I don’t like needlework. I love it. It is beautiful and I am reasonably skilled at making needlework projects. In fact, back in the day I used to teach needlework classes. I’ve done crochet, cross-stitch, crewel, candlewicking, needlepoint, plastic canvas and more. (I sold Creative Circle kits. Whatever happened to Creative Circle???) However, my eyesight is pretty much atrocious. So much so that, in order for me to cross-stitch or crochet I have to take off my glasses and hold the work about 3 inches from my eyeballs. Then I have to set the work aside to carefully read the pattern (also 3” from my eyeballs) THEN pick up the work again, work a few stitches. Then start all over.

Naturally, since these projects tend to be exhausting and discouraging for me to work on, I tend to balk at actually finishing them. This means my sewing and needle work projects usually get completed a year or two later than they’re supposed to. Don’t believe me? I started a simple printed cross-stitch for my Grandson’s birth. He got it for his first birthday instead.

So I swore off any more tedious needle crafts.

Until I saw this cute little project. And it was on sale. So I bought it.

AND I started working on it.

Yesterday, The BHE saw me working cross-stitch 3” from my eyeballs.

“What’re you doing?” he queried.

“Making a cross-stitch for Mom’s birthday.”

Awkward pause...


“Yup.” I replied, squinting at the aida cloth.

Another awkward pause...

“Will you finish it by then?”

I contemplate this and stop stitching for a moment. Her birthday is in early January. 

A REALLY awkward pause.

“Well,” I finally chime in. “I never said WHICH birthday.”


Susan said...

I so relate!!! YES, you will finish it and it will be a huge blessing to her.

groovyoldlady said...

Thanks, Susan. I feel confident that I WILL finish this one on time!