13 July 2013

Taking Frugality to the Limit

The BHE and I have always been somewhat frugal.  Not that we don't mind spending a bit more for good quality, but once we own something, we will continue to own it until it's pretty much worn out.

My shoes are a good example.  I am no Imelda Markos!

I own exactly 9 pairs of shoes: 1 pr hiking boots, 2 pair dress shoes (one black, one blue), 1 pr sandals, 1 pr water shoes, 2 pr sneakers (one for day-to-day and one for running), 1 pr loafers, and 1 pr of specialty bike shoes (they fit the pedal clips),  The dress shoes and sandals I got at Salvation Army for $2-$3 each.  But I bought the functional shoes - for running/hiking/biking etc. new and while I did look for a deal, we didn't mind paying more for those.   I will wear them until duct tape is needed...

Jeans?  I have 3 pair now.  2 I bought new and they're both almost threadbear.  The other pair I got with the "new" tags on them at a yard sale for $2.

I admittedly have a skirt fetish, but most of them were bought on sale or at a thrift shop or were given to me.  Since I know I have a weakness for skirts, I have a rule that when a new one comes home, I give an old one away!

The BHE is the same way with his clothes (minus the skirt fetish!).  He keeps a minimum of good quality clothes and then wears them until they can be worn no more.

(Let's not talk about his underwear - please!)

We keep our furniture until it's either antique or firewood.  (Can I burn my sofa?  'Cause it's getting close!)

We keep our cars JUST until the point where they'll cost more to fix than we could sell them for.  And God has blessed us with the ability to save up and pay cash for the replacement.  (We've only had one auto loan in 33 years!)

I keep my glasses until I can't see anymore and we nurse our tools until they cease to function.  We have a nice stereo, but it's the same one we've had for  a bazillion years.  Ken did get the speakers refurbished (the woofers were blown), but that cost less than buying new ones.

And...we still have our very old and decrepit Macintosh.  We bought it in January of 2006.  And we have used it and used it and used it and USED it!

Except now, it ain't so easy to use!  A couple of years ago it started developing colorful vertical lines on the screen.  For those of you who are not Mac savvy, lemme 'splain something.  We cannot "just go buy another monitor".  Macs are all-in-one units.  The screen IS the computer.  So we have learned to live with the lines.  Currently there are over 80 of them.  And yes, they do make reading text quite challenging.  Fortunately we are adaptable.  Not as easy to adjust to is the 3" wide black vertical line that now appears during start-up.  Of course, that line goes away after you freak out for a few moments, but it's only a matter of (very little) time until it comes to stay.

Our browser has been outdated for years.  And we are no longer able to make any software updates.  Consequently, most web pages don't line up right.  Words overlap. I can't see all of the photos on some sites (including on FaceBook).  I just see part of the photo and have to guess what's on the rest.

 Scout gave the girls little ipod minis for Christmas a few years ago and they've not used them yet because our version of iTunes is too old and we can no longer update it.  Happily, we were able to use they gift cards to donwload some of their favorite songs, but just recently I've also lost the ability to do that.

Some sites take forever to load.  FOR.EV.ER.  The more graphics, the longer the load time.  On Facebook I have to wait and wait and WAIT to be able to scroll down the page.  Methinks God is teaching me patience along with the truth that I have better things to do with my time than wait 10 minutes for a cute cat picture to scroll down.

We can no longer see any online videos and we are rapidly running out of any sites where I can listen to a song.  This is a bummer because I learn new songs for the nursing home by listening to them online.  A few weeks ago one of the residents complained that we always sing the same songs...

I just tried to upload 20 photos to an online photo site.  To upload them and actually order prints (just prints, nothing fancy) took me an hour.

I think it's time.  We've gotten our money's worth and then some outta this ole beast.  We need a new computer.  In fact, one of the most oft heard phrases in our house of late has been, "Ooooo, when we get a NEW Mac we'll be able to......................."

Of course, we've been saying that for 2 years.  I wonder how much longer we can milk it?


Susan said...

Your post right under this one was January 2013 and title "I Just Can't Do It". I didn't take the time to read and see if that was about the computer but I say ---- JUST DO IT. Buy that new Mac and you will be so happy with all you can do so easily...and I have an alliterative motive -- maybe you will blog more!!

Wani said...

Great post!

Thanks for visiting Wani's World! Good luck on the planner giveaway!